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Rational Chaos

Can irrationality be engineered? Yes. Can a Lamborghini be rational? No… or perhaps, yes. The Urus gives us some interesting questions, and as usual we’re very keen to find out.  In many ways, this is a first for EoW: the first official Lamborghini and the first long-term hyper-SUV press car is a cause for mass...

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Waiting is sometimes more pleasurable than the party itself. Sure, it can be excruciating and what’s more, it can lead to massive disappointment if things are not as we expect. Yet, there are times when it’s all well worth it and all expectations are met leaving you with massive amounts of satisfaction.  It took EoW...

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Goes to 11!

In the Alfa vocabulary, there are some words that immediately will call the attention of any devoted Alfista: Ti, Veloce, Quadrifoglio Verde, Sprint, SS, GTA and GTAm. Use any of these words in any context and anyone who knows what’s what about Alfa Romeo will know immediately you’re talking about serious stuff.  If you do...

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Mini Unleashed

3 is the perfect number. After having had a great success with the astonishing GP1 and GP2, Mini is back with the new 2020 GP, or GP3 for some enthusiasts. A limited edition (3000 examples), track focused hot hatch which is synonymous with the maximum Go Kart feeling possible. We must say that, just by...

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La Gagne!

If you love cars, how can you not love the Alpine A110? We loved our past experience with the regular A110 and we thought it was absolutely brilliant: light, elegant, great to drive and dripping with heritage. Perhaps, the original A110 has been one of the most gorgeous cars ever designed in France after WWII:...

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A farewell to arms

Here we are, on the Italian side of the Col de Larche, on the Western Alps in the province of Cuneo with a lovely stretch of road running ahead of us. This is the kind of road that it seems to have been designed by somebody who really loves driving. It’s a constant alternation of...

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