A New Beginning

Once upon a time, AMG’s were unicorns. To buy them, first you had to find them, then needed to find a way to get them into your garage. They were just the creation of a separate tuner, somebody like Brabus or Renntech and you had to be wanting more and more out of your Benz to buy something from them. Nowadays things are, for the best part, different.

So, why the title of this small article is “a new beginning”? Simple: it’s 25 years since the mighty W202 C36 AMG, powered by a naturally aspirated straight six engine, it was the first ever AMG to be produced after the Company’s acquisition by Mercedes Benz. It was the beginning of an exciting new chapter which was started with the bulky 300SE back in 1965.

Now, straight sixes have made a much wel-comeback in the range, as the “53” series. People say who forgets about its past, sure won’t have a future and this new E53 looks like a promising start. Sure, us maniacs would love to see a brand new C53 saloon to remind us for those times of old, when the unsuspecting W202 was ruling the Autobahn.

At a glance, the E53 is a pretty well-balanced package. Looks are great, the sound is a pleasant background howl that is just as relaxing as lounge Jazz music. The interior is a cocoon of leather and… big screens. Whether you’re a fan or not of these devices, they look mesmerizingly good and help to create a unique atmosphere.

The good news is that it drives like a proper Benz on steroids. Although the current range is a bit disorientating, with many new models aimed and increasing AMG’s offering. Technically speaking, it is not a full-on tire burning machine, like we would expect: think of it as a mild version of your typical German hot chili. It’s an enjoyable grand tourer with 435 horsepower that won’t feel overwhelmingly fast yet well balanced overall.

The 4Matic+ offers a balanced and safe handling: only the controls kick in maybe too soon. After all why bother, when you’re behind the wheel of a car designed to cover great distances in the shortest time possible? Definitely not a touge gewehr, it offers the pleasant side of pure power as it falls in the “do-it-all” kind of automobile.

The E35 doesn’t have a particular “sense of occasion”, that will force you to save it for specific moments. Instead, it’s a proper, fun-loving warhorse that is enjoyable under every circumstance.

After all, the idea behind the C36 was offering a car that was able to cover more distance, more rapidly. So here it is, a newcomer to the AMG family of models that is a bright new start for those happy chaps in Affalterbach.


Many thanks to “AMG Performance Center Brescia – Bonera

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