A turbo is forever: the new Porsche 911

Conservativism has ruled for many decades in the history of Porsche, Germany’s own Prancing Horse. Air cooled dominated for years, wrong-yet-right weight distribution was the law and the only car for many driving fanatics. However, Porsche managed to radically change its identity, also known as the 911, throughout the years.
Fans of the Brand have adapted through he years and they still love buying and driving their cars although being nostalgic of the great GT3, 930 Turbo and the early 911 S. Loyalty to Porsche also means being ready for a change, whether we like or not. If someone wants a manual, old school car, just go to the Marque’s Classic division and buy one “new” off the shelf.
If you want to know how the future for the conservative 911 will look like, just bear in mind the word “turbo”. No more Posches will be normally aspirated and no one will ever be produced with a manual transmission. It’s a tragedy for everyone of us but a compulsory step towards a better future.
Like I said before, if we love Porsche, we need to adapt ourselves and have a broader and very realistic view: would we rather have no 911 because we adore the classics? No. Turbocharging will rule the world of combustion engines, whether we like it or not.
If we want a Porsche every day we need to take responsibility for the environment.
We all agree that nothing is thrilling like a properly old school car, yet we have to be conscious and embrace the future wholeheartedly.

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