Bigger and… Bigger

The Overseas Highway it’s not EoW kind of road. It’s not twisty, nor it’s a proving ground for driving skills. It’s a meditation road, where you drive with the top down and just breath in the surroundings. Meditation is normally measured in hours but for us, sometimes is measured in miles. 135 to be precise, from Miami to Big Pine Key in a rental convertible muscle car… because ‘Murrica, that’s why!

It’s a v6 tough, but where else in the world can you rent a car such as this for average fares? Gets us every time! Happening to have a day off during a trip to Miami we decided to rent a nice convertible and head down to a place we always wanted to visit, Florida Keys.

The Overseas highway is truly a descent into the tropics. The air changes and as you approach closer to Cuba, and you feel at every breath. The 55 mph limit helps immerse you into the environment, even more than you would at gunning the 330 something hp from its V6. The car’s ride is pliant and comfortable enough to give you the feeling of driving a proper blue-collar GT. The rumble is nice and although it doesn’t bellow and resonate as a proper V8 it’s a very welcome companion during this small journey. This is an escape from the everyday world into a slice of proper Caribbean lifestyle: laid back and relaxed, there’s so much to love here. The Ocean breeze and the teal-green vistas make any moment as enjoyable as ever.

With the tunes coming out of the radio, the air of the tropics and the great shades of blue of the oceans all around you, it’s quite an experience to be had. All along the Seven Mile Bridge there’s the original bridge built in 1912 for the Overseas Railroad, which was then converted in 1938 to be suitable for cars. A large portion of the original was blown up during the shooting of the film “True Lies” in 1994 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and it now lies there, unused and abandoned.

Here, time slows down to a halt and problems of daily life are easily forgotten. While cars are our focus, here there is much more than just that: Florida Keys seem like discovering a whole new way of life.

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