Bordertown Fun: Ghiblis in Switzerland

What is the best argument for not buying a mid-range German saloon? A Maserati Ghibli. While this may seem an abvious statement from a short Italian chap, it has a stronger motivation behind it.

When was the last time we could buy a  properly luxorious and sporty Italian sedan? I was probably a little child. Maserati has never stopped producing high end saloons, but they left the mid-to-high section of the market completely at the hands of German Autobahn sledgehammers.

What would you buy with 70 quid in your pocket? The market offers cars like the 5 Series BMW, the A6 or the Merc E class, i.e. perfect and reliable or a Jag XJ. As far as theory goes, choice is what moves business and being able to choose to have a Trident over a Star is pretty cool in my opinion and very inspiring. I have nothing against Teutonic four doors, I love them and think they’re brilliant, but after years of constant dominance, one may also be in need for a change.

Why saloons have to be boring? Elegance and formality should be the synonymous of difference, not boredom. When I come across a car that is built for everyday use and makes the same sound of a track day machine, I immediately fell in love. What’s not to like in this? I’d love to drive a twin turbo V6 engine designed by Ferrari and having enough room for friends and luggage to go wherever I want.

Such cars make the owner share that sense of daily occasion and extending the pleasure of an high class sports sedan even when driving to the grocery store.

The interior quality and design are astonishing, the controls are simple to use, very intuitive and easily accessible through the center console, with minimum distraction while driving. Damping is good overall and the skyhook suspension change the behavior of the car while going down the road. However, the big tires do absorb most of the road asperity. Is it a problem? No, it isn’t for me definitely, especially because the car behaves and handles so good that you forgive her everything, including sat navigation. Seriously, who cares when you’re driving something as cool as a Maserati? Not me.

The engine is the star of the whole car: makes power everywhere, has a sharp response but is not harsh and doesn’t lack in refinement. The sound is great and being a Ferrari developed engine, makes a screaming high pitched sound when it comes to higher rpm. Such a wonderful piece of engineering.

The Ghibli car can be easily defined as a short wheel base Quattroporte. It’s a business car and it is destined for those who love to have italian elegance in their commute. Most of these cars won’t be taken on sunday road trips or twisty roads, a scenario where the car is absolutely brilliant, and will be driven on the highway and on crowded city streets. That’s why Maserati has introduced a diesel version of the Ghibli.

Before you close the article because I switched to sexy Italian petrol engines to boring diesels, let me explain why I loved this particular version of the car. For a diesel It sounds amazing, has more torque than the 410 hp petrol engine and has great fuel economy. However It doesn’t have a broad power band and doesn’t have many revs you can use at your advantage when driving “happily” through corners. Nevermind,  it does have some good presence and you still have the leather interior and the Trident logo to cheer you up. I just loved it.

Maybe my enthusiasm for this Brand shadows my capability of making a proper judgment but  I am honest when I say that the diesel is a bit more exciting than just a boring alternative. It certainly does not have the same emotional factor as the petrol, but if someone’s wants to make a diesel look cool, they should do what Maserati did (no, Audi, the TDI is a different story).

The time I spent driving them I enjoyed the balanced blend of elegance and sportiness, typical of such cars. Would I choose the Ghibli over any German Autobahn rockets? Absolutely. Finally, we can have something new and refreshing in our garage.

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