Cars & Coffee Brescia 2016

The 2016 motoring season was kicked off properly with Cars&Coffee in Brescia. You could tell that every owner was waiting for the perfect excuse to get their prized beauties out for a drive. If you need an excuse to put more Kms on your performance or classic car, then you’ll need to consider participating Cars&Coffee: it’s the event that celebrates all the different shades of automotive passion.

The first 2016 C&C edition was one hell of a kick off: 2 Maserati MC12,s, 4 Ferrari F40’s, 4 Zondas, and as many rare beauties as you can find in Europe. Oh yes, Porsches were well represented by the official presence of Centro Porsche Brescia and a massive gathering of GT3’s rear wings. In case you were wondering, we were part of that gang with a 997 mk I, formerly owned by non other than Valentino Rossi, the Doctor of motorcycling World Championships. If we choose to celebrate cars at this event, we do this in a very minimalistic way: driving purity at its best.
While the fist part of the event was exclusively reserved for the participants, the second was a public showcase of all things cars inside The wonderful Parco Sigurtá, located between Brescia and Verona.
If you want to have an idea of what the term “car culture” really means you need to come to see an event like this: different automotive philosophies blend toghether to celebrate car passion vigorously


Special thanks to our friend Mattia


Text by Jacopo Villa

Foto by Federico Bajetti

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