Classic Car Club Manhattan

Car nut paradise in the City. In the yellow cab and Prius universe, where people don’t drive there is a place where enthusiasts can walk inside, grab the key of the car they like and head out for a drive. Could this be one of the coolest places on the planet? Oh yeah!

The Classic Car Club of Manhattan is not your typical club. It’s the place where you can live your passion in the most un-car centric of the U.S.A. It’s the right place where to meet your buddies, share a drive and have a cold one after it. Exclusive events, parties, drives all happen in one place and only for the members of the Club.

Inside it’s the car heaven on demand that will make your heart beat faster: ZO6, GT40 Gulf, Lambo Huracan, GTR, Mclaren, a Lancia Delta Integrale, vintage 911’s, Corvette C2 Roadster and a lot more…gosh we love this place!

The Club’s idea was born in London, where members enjoy the sight and the thrill of driving classic and performance automobiles. They have full access to club events, track days, the bar and the fleet of ever changing cars. You can have 3 levels of membership costing respectively 5,000, 9,000 and 15,000 USD each offering a different level of interaction with the club.

Located in the Soho neighborhood, the Club’s venue has just moved in the stunning location of the PIER 76, on the 12th Avenue: it’s the right place where to scare the crap out of everyone trying out the latest addiction to the CCC collection.

They also have their own private garage where they service the cars and keep them always in great condition.

Yellow Taxi cabs are the only cars in the Big Apple? No Sir! Have a visit at the Classic Car Manhattan and change your mind

We deeply thank the Club’s director, Zac Mosley and Mathias Rios


Text by: Jacopo Villa

Photo by: Federico Bajetti

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