Conquering South America for a Good Cause

Offroading the World for charity is always a good excuse for an escape where tarmac ends and real adventure begins. Some journeys are not just about finding cool roads and try to destroy the tire thread as fast as you can. Some journeys are proper discoveries that will create intimacy between you and the primal spirit of the Planet.

This Escape was something out of the ordinary for us. We had not sportscars, no tarmac nothing that we’re used to: it was the truest journey we’ve ever done in our lives and one we will remember forever.

Thanks to the Italian association “7mila miglia Lontano” we were able to embark on a Journey through the wildest regions of South America. The beginning of our Journey was in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, where we were all anxious to begin our adventure

Our journey brought us to cover 11.000 km through Bolivia, Chile and Argentina and it was all done to help the COOPI fundraising association in Italy. Federico Bajetti from Escape on Wheels joined the team of Journalists, videomakers and photographers for the South American leg of this amazing project as official driver.

With the two 4X4s provided by Great Wall we went through salt deserts, mountain passes and seen a good share of smiles and happy times.

When everything was supposed to be over, we find ourselves at the 2015 Dakar, with the Argentinian team ConarPesa.

If in Italy we have the Monza Grand Prix, Argentinians have the Dakar. We barely felt any difference between the atmosphere back home and the one that was during the cars parade. All people there were cheering and screaming with glee as all the participating vehicles were passing through the streets of the town. It was just a magnificent sight and very emotional.

We never put the word end to every journey we make. We always see the end of an adventure as the beginning of a completely new one.

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