Dine&Octane: the 25G of Bangkok

Why enjoy your meal with an ordinary panorama when you can order a fillet with a side of a Carrera GT? Why enjoy your cigar on a peaceful morning on a lake when you can contemplate through the smoke the lines of a 919 Hybrid?

If you think that food and company are better enjoyed in the company of fine performance motorcars, you’ll probably like the 25G in Bangkok, Thailand. A place where all good things come together cannot be a boring one, especially if it has the breathtaking sight of many horses.

Unless you’re attending a special event at some Western car museum, the 25G is a cool place when you can dine and enjoy cars informally, surrounded by the company of the people you like the most. The idea of storing lots of supercars in the same place and pairing them with a restaurant and a bar is a very subtle one. Why leave this petrol-goodness when you can have lunch with them? After all, a true gentleman wouldn’t leave women alone.

It has been founded by 4 Thai car enthusiasts who wanted a place where to hang out talking about cars, watching cars, washing cars and buy sports and unique cars. In a few words, spending good quality time toghether even if your friends are not into cars.

The 25G may be one of the ultimate places for the car lover. They sell brand new and 2nd hand Porsches, are the no. 1 Autoglym dealer in Thailand, they manage the Bluemoon Restaurand and last but not the least, they are a “Car Hotel”, where you can keep your supercar safe and cleaned up in a private room.

We were truly overwhelmed by this incredible place in one of the world’s most exotic locations. Unexpected treasures sometimes come a long way from home, making the trip double worth it.

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