Escape through Genève 2017

This year Motor Show is one of the editions that car nuts wait for: In Ferrari V12 berlinetta, a new Porsche GT3, new Pagani, new McLaren and all the sort of petrol-amenities people like us can’t stop to drool on.

Car news that excite the most are all filled with models names featuring some numbers and “go-faster” letters. Imagine going from stand to stand and assisting a parade of “Type R” , “GT-R”, “GT3”, “A110”, “Performante”, “S” and some other fast names normal people will never fully understand. No one can really be prepared for the amount of automotive pornography a show like the one at Geneva.

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Ferrari and the Company has decided to celebrate by bringing out their new flagship: is there a better moment to unveil the successor to the almighty F12? The 812 Superfast is almost sure it will live up to the expectations: will it be as good as its predecessors? Speaking of “expectations” Porsche seems to have fulfilled the dreams of many, by introducing the manual option on the new GT3. May the Lord be praised! Porsche purity is safe, and everyone should rejoice. Driving involvement is the very essence of the car passion: keeping the manual alive cannot be foolhardy and against progress.
While everyone went nuts over the new Porsche, there was quite a stir at the Ruf stand, where the new CTR2 was being unveiled. It’s the first car completely developed by the Company and it’s not based on a Porsche: this is quite something. 720 hp and twin turbos in the wrong place all carbon fiber and build quality that will scare any major car manufacturer. It’s incredibly well built and it’s completely analogical: could this be the best car of the auto show? It is sure an anachronistic, as it is the best car for car enthusiasts, but let it be: among the stunning collection of metal at Geneva this is the car I’d love to own. The only traction control is your good sense and your right foot: it’s foolproof.

Also the new Huracan Performante which demolished the record at the Ring with a whopping 6:52 laptime at the hands of the talented Marco Mapelli. It is impossible not to ignore such facts and the stunning look of the carbon composite active wing in the back of the car. What a machine!

Pagani also unveiled the gorgeously looking Roadster version of the Huayra, which is a rolling piece of art. If there could be a modern car which could be featured in a modern art gallery next to the Cisitalia 202 it would probably be a Pagani.

There were rumors that the legendary Alpine A110 would’ve make a comeback and finally we have a new one for sale. It’s a lovely little things and has all the right proportions which make the car look right. It has everything you want from a little sportscar and everything the original Alpine had.

Large and luxurious SUV’s are the opposite to the zero emissions and of driving fun: but the looks of the impossibly cool Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Quadrifoglio Verde will make you forget all about it. The looks and the promising performance will make this SUV a possible best seller in a near future.

And closinf our parade of Geneva’s exotica is the impossibly gorgeous Panamera Sport Turismo: often anticipated in the last few years, this daily drive Porsche is a reality that will make us happier to drive shooting brakes (or I should say Wagons). Elegant and extremely practical, this is the car I’d be happy to commute with daily.

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