From Italy to India for a Good Cause

Offroading the World for charity is always a good excuse for an escape where tarmac ends and real adventure begins. Some journeys are not just about finding cool roads and try to destroy the tire thread as fast as you can. Some journeys are proper discoveries that will create intimacy between you and the primal spirit of the Planet.

7MML “return to the centre” 2017 is a project that brings to conclusion and completes a solidarity travel experience that was also intended as a creative way of seeing the world.
The project is divided into seven different routes. Each route varies in terms of its itineraries, participants, time, place and means, but all trips will be united by one mind with one purpose: to build School of Fine Arts in Southern India.

7 trails, 7 points of the world, with 7 different modes of transportation: ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, public transportation, by water, on foot and in Ape cars.
The common arrival destination is in southern India and will be reached by all participants on the same day: 07.17.2017.

The joint venture of 7MML “return to the centre” in 2017 aims to produce an important photographic book and film, as well as raise to funds to finance the purchase of the land and the construction of the school.

Escape On Wheels, like in 2014, will take part, obiovusly, with the 4×4 Team, driving from Brescia, Italy, to Kannur, India, across Europe and Asia for more than 20.000 kilometers.Thanks to our supporters from Top Marques Bassano we are preparing a cool Mitsubishi Pajero, just perfect for this kind of Trips.

The idea of ​​7MML “return to the centre” 2017 is simple and concrete. Achieve something enduring, something that will allow teams and project partners to help develop young talents in a part of India where arts funding is particularly limited and unavailable to most.

Donate at: 7 Mila miglia Lontano

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