“Fuori Pista”

Like ever first contact with a race-bred automobile, we’re in Monza inside one of the oldest race tracks in the world. Yet we didn’t experience the 488 Pista on the mighty Parabolica, with its tires screaming while its power is being unleashed. Instead…we took it off the track, literally. Too much rain, cold tires and little time on our hands, meant that we only took it for a spin inside the Monza park, savouring only its potential to a certain limit.

The 488 Pista is Ferrari’s 2018 “homologation special”. It’s not a limited-edition, and although all production is already sold out, it’s already a classic. First and foremost, it doesn’t have an easy job to do: it’s the successor to the Speciale, the one, the almighty track-monster that is already being considered as a legend.

Needless to say it: faster, better and ever more performing, the Pista is the new all-time great that should reward its driver with unparalleled sharpness, response and ultimate satisfaction. Carrying over the driving position and cockpit layout of the 458, the 488 Pista is still capable of offering great levels of visibility, feedback and ludicrous levels of fun.

Interesting to note that this is a supercar in the proper sense of the word: it uses race-bred technology to deliver a proper punch. Most of all, what should truly be appreciated in the Pista, is the fact that it derives directly from the GTE that races in the WEC. Isn’t this amazing? When was the last time GT cars got some credit in the making of supercars? Forget limited edition specials, these are proper showcases of racing finesse. The specs are mind-bogging: 90kg lighter than the standard 488, reworked intercoolers and radiators, the S duct and the new aero package, will make you drool like a maniac.

Is the muffled sound from the engine, due to the pair of twin-scroll IHI turbines, a problem. No, but one cannot help but remember the days when the Speciale was ruling the world with its glorious, high-pitched, 9.000 rpm melody. Nevertheless: we’re craving for more Pista in our lives. After all… how can one not absolutely love a Ferrari?

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