Ice Froggy 911

The new 911 RSR that we’ll see participating at this year Le Mans is mid-engined. While a new out outburst of rage and indignation is rising from the Porsche-loving community, die-hard enthusiasts like Mattia Colpani are the keepers of traditionalist Porsche values: engine in the back, bare bones and small-bumper cars.

The aesthetics of this 2.5 ST are the most perfectly proportioned of all 911’s: small bumpers, long hood, and wide fenders. It’s the archetype of the classic modified Porsche that is so popular nowadays, those the new-born “car-collectors” look after and are responsible for the skyrocketing prices 911’s have nowadays.

In particular, this 911 is being prepared by Company Motori to participate in the 2017 Winter Marathon. We had a chance to had a go in it before it is loaded up on the trailer and brought over to Madonna di Campiglio.

Still, on semi-slicks and with a street-legal exhaust (which allows to operate the heater, much needed in the freezing mountains at night), we took it out for a quick spin.

With a tuned engine producing up to 280 hp at 9000 rpm, this froggy Porsche is everything an enthusiast wants a Porsche to be. A reactive engine which enters peak torque from 6.000 rpm and delivers power with that typical flat-six consistency is exactly what we were expecting from such a car.

Weight in the back and with little fuel in the tank equals to oversteer fun at every roundabout. It’s an old Porsche that deserves to be driven the old way: brake late into the corner, transfer the weight to the front, get the car into the apex without touching the throttle and then accelerate hard out, taking advantage of the superior traction. That’s a Porsche how God intended.

Thanks to Premoli Automobiles, at this year’s Winter Marathon Escape on Wheels will be following this 911 and more classic cars with a brand-new Cayenne GTS through the freezing environment of the mountains: sampling what the participants will be driving is one of the greatest pleasures for sure, and a closer look at what this great event will be like.

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