Land of Jag

Jags come in four wheel drive now and they’re not Land Rovers. They’re actual F Types. Isn’t this just plain awesome? You now can go off road with a Jag sportscar for real: isn’t this plain brilliance? Meet the new F Type R AWD Coupe, a proper British sportscar. Its roaring 550 hp V8 and distinct attitude will tackle any road surface with ease thanks to the torque vectoring system of the brilliant ZF 8 speed quickshift transmission.

How do we know? We had a brief stint on the snowy roads all around Cortina, where Jaguar Italia let us test one of their new cars for half an hour. The performance was staggering: the F Type was able to achieve an impressive pace in such harsh conditions. The car was in “snow” mode and still the traction control intervention is minimal and not too intrusive. As we found out during the test drive, even with the controls off, there is a “safety margin” where the system always intervenes. Could be a bit of a bugger for some but it has enough room for going sideways.

It’s staggering performance left us wanting for more driving seat time. Dear Jaguar, please…?

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