Lost Horizon

Blue is perhaps the most beautiful color there is. Deep, reflexive and somewhat resonating with the surroundings, it’s in our opinion one of those  that better suits cars. After all, it’s the color of the Earth, the color of life: interesting to note that it can also defines our passion for cars, something that has always characterized ourselves as individuals. In our view, blue cars always look so much better than everything else. If there’s one place on Earth where it seems there’s a celebration of this it, that can possibly be Lake Tahoe. Spotted from the Carson Pass for the first time by soldier-explorer John C.Fremont in 1844, Lake Tahoe has always been one of those magical “out-of-the-Earth” places. There are many shades of blue in this world: Prussian, French, Air Force and Navy Blue… and there’s Lake Tahoe blue. 

Lake Tahoe stands as the most perfect place to escape: a sort Shangri-La of the real-world, a pearl of nature encased by mountains, a sacred land to the Washoe Indian tribes. 98 square miles of pure nature in a landscape that seems to burst right in front of you with spectacular force. In this environment, only a car that symbolizes the modern interpretation of journey would do. The new G29 Z4 M40i, BMW’s newest roadster is the right kind of car for discovering the landscape the proper way: top down, a lively 382hp six cylinder engine and a character suited for connecting you with the road, seems the right car for the right place.  Finished (of course!) in Misano Blue and courtesy of BMW US, the Z4 is the mantra of a well-balanced sports-car: usable by everyone, always on the edge of comfort and sportiness is perhaps the perfect tool for exploring the region. 

Our idea for an escape is this: setting off from the noise of the world to spend time with our passion, alone from the crowd. We departed from San Francisco at 6.00am, with no traffic around and with the streets empty: the Z4 glided quietly on the road, not waking anyone up. Knowing how crowded the area can be, a calm Frisco is sometime all we can ask for but not for us: the deep blue of Tahoe was awaiting for us and we didn’t want to wait for long.It’s not often that someone tries to get to the very heart of the spirit of America, to the core of this wonderful Country.

The area between California and Nevada are still inhabited by the Indian People of the Washoe. While confined in some reserves, their spirit is what defines this region: each year, in spring they still gather on the shores of the lake to bless the water and themselves, as part of their connection with nature. In a certain way, and perhaps in less romantic fashion, we tried to do the same, bringing our passion to the shores of Lake Tahoe. The Z4 is the all-rounder roadster. Powerful and sporty yet comfortable and luxurious enough to allow you to drive around without too many rattles and noises. Power is more than enough and 380hp suit perfectly the character of this Bavarian two-seater. Think of it this way: it’s a great street car with more than adequate poke. While the roads all across Lake Tahoe are most suited for cruising rather than all-out proper sports-car driving, they still provide a good proving ground for the Z4’s excellent chassis and overall dynamics. The car is wider, taller but shorter than the previous E89. It has a firmer and more controllable ride and at the same time it’s definitively snappier when driven at the limit. Sure though, the ride is pliant enough to make your journey comfortable enough and not stressful: it’s the kind of roadster you’d want to drive for hours, with the top down, immersing yourself into the environment. 

The wonderful clarity of Lake Tahoe proves that blue can be the deepest and most beautiful color to look at. You can truly lose yourself in it and escape from reality for a second. In the same kind of way, the Z4 does the same effect, giving you a pleasant driving experience, able to immerse yourself into the environment and to let you live the surroundings as you go by. The classic meaty feeling of modern BMW’s, the breeze entering the cockpit and the rumble of the twin-turbocharged straight six is definitely a moment to be lived. Like the Indian tribes gathered on the shores to give and receive blessings we did the same, in our own way: a whole lap of Tahoe, living and loving our passion for cars, losing ourselves into the horizon.

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