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In every field, there are giants that enthusiasts always relate to. Take bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest: they are the staples that define a genre and the ones that enthusiasts always rely their hopes on whenever they do something new. For us petrol-obsessed people, those giants are the cars that defined our passion: the 911 GT3, the M3, every new V12 Ferrari…all these come to the point where we rely on for the future. The M5 is surely one of them, the original super saloon, which is still with us after six generations. I defy not thinking that this gem from Munich is one of the cars that define an enthusiast’s excitement for cars, even to this day. With the original 1984 E28 series and its impressive 286 hp, BMW introduced a new genre of compromise-free production performance cars, with none of the quirks normally associated with fast cars.
Needless to say, being invited by BMW to an exclusive test on the ice track of Livigno of the brand new F90 M5, was pretty special and a real treat. With fiery twin turbocharged 4.4 liter 600hp V8 producing 750 Nm of torque, the new M5 will be the joy of Autobahn commuters, family-guy racers and of Russian megalomaniacs as well. The new M XDrive system, which enables the driver to choose from four wheel drive, four wheel drive sport and 2 wheel drive, allows to tailor the typical BMW fun right to your needs and driving skills. With the simple flick of a button, you can choose between controlled, thrilling and safe 4 wheel slides or fully lunatic Chris-Harris-style smoky high-speed drifts. Your choice, BMW M enthusiast.
Certainly, on the snow, the M5 had all the qualities we car nuts love: i.e. it was sideways all the time. The common saying of “you shouldn’t be allowed to do so in such a big, German saloon” would describe well the experience, but honestly, the new M5 is as satisfying to hoon around in the snow as it would be a lighter sportscar. With 750Nm of torque, it is fast and has enough poke to make you have enough fun on your commute to work.
Surely this test was a tasty starter and we’re deeply thankful to BMW for allowing this great experience. We sure cannot wait to satisfy our M5-hunger with another test this year. Maybe a stint northwards to Munich on the Autobahn next Summer will do…
We thank BMW Italia and  Nanni Nember Srl for this unique opportunity. 

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