McLaren 570s Spyder

If you love cars, you have to love McLaren. It is impossible not to admire Bruce’s Company, the one that proved that Kiwis really can fly. It’s a magnificent thing that we can be offered the chance to see and experience these cars on the road: the fact that we can drive a McLaren makes the world a much better place.

Since the MP4-12C, there has been a new competitor in the supercar game and it’s definitely a great thing. McLaren evolved with a stunning progression, culminating with the excellent P1 and the track focused Senna, all in less than a decade. How can not you love a company like this? From the extremism of the original models, it now produces a model just for anybody.

The 570s Spyder is the baby one of the range, if ever this therm could apply to such a machine. It’s the entry level supercar into a world of excitement. It’s a well mannered and ludicrously fun sportscar, to use a McLaren term. It’s the right dose of adrenaline and road-going performance all wrapped up in a lovely shape.

First and foremost, it is a road car. And we need to thank the engineers for that. Track cars are cool and the new 600 LT will be awesome, but there’s nothing wrong to enjoy a less performance-oriented car on the road. It will get you to good roads in comfort and will let you enjoy yourself and then back with no stress at all.

With this small glimpse we savoured the properties of a great car, the one we’d like to take on a longer escape. The way it corners and the ever-so-great carbon-fiber chassis make it a great driver’s car. It’s comfortable, fast and especially fun: it’s a complete package that won’t break your back and will make you smile.

We’ll beg McLaren for more, that’s for sure.


Many thanks to TheOutlierman and McLaren Milano

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