New York Auto Show 2016

If you keep adding lightness, you will add speed. If you keep adding both and you build cars in the UK, you’ll end up with a car like the Lotus 3 Eleven. Essential to the bone, powerful and remarkably beautiful.

The Italian unveiling hosted by Lotus development driver Stefano d’Aste at PB Racing made us have a even closer look than the one we had in Geneva. The new carbon composite Lotus is one of the most extreme interpretation of a performance car Lotus has ever presented. With a 460 horsepower V6 engine and a dry weight of 890 the 3 Eleven can lap the Ring like a proper hypercar, i.e. under 7 minutes.

It comes in both race and road going versions and about 300 units in total are going to be produced. The 60 mls paddle shift transmission will only be offered for the race spec model while a standard manual will be the only choice for the road homologated one.

The 3 Eleven could be the easiest way to get into your garage an extraodinary performance car without signing a multimillion dollar check: only 110.000 Euros are required for the road going version and 160.000 for the race ready one.

This could be one of the bargains of the century and one of the most complete driver’s cars ever produced in Ethel. By looking at the 3 Eleven, it just feels that the 3 Eleven is born to burn track records and shame any supercar on earth.

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