R – Factor

If a man of the ancient times would hear the sound of the Pagani Zonda R from distance it would sure believe that a portal from hell had been opened and demons were storming the world. This car produces a consistent scream that gets under your skin: it’s one of the most brutal and pervasive sounds ever to come out of a car’s exhaust.
There are cars who are created to incarnate the purest representation of the philosophy of their constructor. The Zonda R fully embodies what a small atelier from the Motor Valley can achieve when it decides to make a car that is the utmost expression of mechanical freedom.
Limited run of non-homologation cars are the most intriguing to look at: there are no rules to limit their potential. The Zonda R is as far as mad and exclusive a track day car can go: only 15 built (of which 5 were Revolucion), 800 horses, 1050 kg, all carbon fiber and magnesium construction and THAT sound. The 12 cylinder AMG-Mercedes, which has roots in the legendary CLK GTR is the beating heart of the R and
Each time a customer wants to burn some rubber at the track Pagani Automobili sends its dedicated team of motorsport mechanics in order to provide the adequate assistance to the car and aid the owner in achieving a better performance and spend some good time in a relaxed atmosphere.
The car you see in the pictures is exactly the first one made and its awesome Italian owner invited us to join him in a typical session with the R at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany. The experience was one of those that remind you what can be achieved when performance is unleashed freely in a car such as the Zonda R.

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