Setting the Pace: Jaguar Hottest Suv

SUV’s could probably be the defnitive sportscar of the future. Porsche has one, Maserati has one and Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini will have their own as well…who once thought that they were only a passing trend in automotive design, was wrong. Jaguar has integrated the experience matured with Land Rover and decided to bring up a new SUV with Jaguar.
While loathed by the vast majority of car enthusiasts as well as the press, the “soccer mom” car has been widely accepted by everyone and in over a decade, it became a popular sight on the road.
Jaguar’s F Pace S is phenomenal I have to say: at 1800 kg is light for being a large, four wheel drive daily car. It is powered by the same 380 hp supercharged V6 that you find in the F type sports car. It sounds nice, handles very weel and the feeling you have is to be driving a taller, bulkier sports car. In other words, they managed to do a great job in maintaining Jaguar’s sports car DNA.
The seating position is good and with a clever four wheel drive system you will get up to 100% power partition through front and rear axle.
Ride quality is good and relaxing, and the noise insulation fantastic and the interior finish is what you’d normally expect on such a refined vehicle. Steering is direct and controls intuitive.
Startin at 75.000 Euros, the F Pace S is Britain’s most interesting AWD SUV for the market and a very good alternative to the classic Land Rover.

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