Stuttgart Sunshine · 991 GT3

Friends will be friends. Friends with a yellow Porsche 991 GT3 will never be forgotten so easily, especially if they come all the way from Stuttgart to let you have some fun toghther.

If you are a car nut and follow online car blogs you might be familiar with Sarah Nase and her awesome Get Palmd website.

She is a proper car nut and knowing that we love Porsches and haven’t have yet experienced the thrill of the 9000 rpm and 475 hp of pure Teutonic performance, decided to come and see us on the shores of Lake Garda.

Thaks to her GT3 in wonderful Racing Yellow paint we had a little escape in our favurite roads of Lake Garda. The thrill of the sound reverberating against the walls of the narrow tunnels was the best soundtrack and made me question the presence of a radio.

The balance of the car during cornering united with the lighting quick shifts made the GT3 devour every inch of tarmac in a blink of the eye. Never believe those who say that Porsches aren’t proper cars.

The consistency of a flat six power delivery and the fact that Porsches always seem to have more hp than they really declare on paper, combined with the excellent chassis dynamics made us fell in love. We are craving to get our hands on one for a longer and properly exciting long trip.

Thanks Sarah!

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