Targa Florio 2016

One of Sicily’s best known soundtracks is by no means the traditional mandolin. Nor is “The Godfather” theme or the classic folk song “Sciuri Sciuri”. It’s the roar of pure racing cars tearing up the Targa Florio track that is one of the Island most typical sounds: every year motorcar enthusiasts gather to celebrate the oldest competition in the World. No one has ever been short on showing the enthusiasm and the crowd that has been gathering in Cerda and across the old track since 1906.

Despite not being an endurance and speed focused competition like it used to be, the modern Targa is not a relic of the past even if today is a mere “celebration” of the past times. Nowadays, the “official” Targa Florio is the rally event which takes place in the same days as the other events, Historic Rally, Classic and Speed.

In a whole week end 4 events will take place through the roads of Sicily, and many importat, fast and incredible cars will be cherished by the Sicilians, like the old times.

Main sponsor for the event was Alfa Romeo, who kicked things up a notch by bringing a selection of their Heritage Collection most important cars: 33/2, TT12, SVZ and a whole fleet of modern Giuliettas for the media and the Assistance teams.

We followed the Classic event in a brand new Veloce, with almost 0 kms on the odometer. You might be surprised that we were part of the Assistance teams and not as a Media car: besides from being Journalists, we cared for the wellbeing of the cars of the participants. The Giulietta is one of the most unexpected VIP Courtesy cars you can find on the market today.

1000 kms in a week to celebrate the oldest race in the world is one of the things you need to do to pay tribute to the legendary Targa Florio.

Ph. by J.Villa & R.Liberti

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