Topless Roller

Ask anyone and they will all reply the same thing “sorry, not interested in land yachts”. You cannot judge a Rolls Royce by its ability to corner and neither by its lap times: as a matter of fact, there are other parameters, hardly taken into consideration by many journalists. These are cars that command enjoyment, not outright speed. They create the perfect environment for people with discerning taste: they aim to be the perfect pleasure cocoon of automotive engineering.

It’s something clearly out of the “comfort zone” for many: for 90% of enthusiasts excitement comes from sportiness, not gentle cruising down the road.

The Rolls Royce Dawn is the perfect car for driving around Sardinia and especially the one you’re seeing in the pictures: it is a one off example specially commissioned by the Private Office of Porto Cervo, in Sardinia as an hommage to the yachts that are now part of the landscape. It has a unique red paint with crushed crystals in it and the leather is made of American Bull, which is of higher quality than the one of cows. The open-pore teak wood panels add a touch of sailing-elegance and Rolls will even store a copy of all of them for 200 years just in case you or your heirs will need replacement. The bespoke audio system will make you forget you’re riding in an open topless motorcar: the resonance is so well calibrated that the bass frequencies will feel like you’re in the closed-top Wraith.

Sure, there is no power shortage and the Dawn is quick by any standard: pushing on the accelerator will gracefully push this 2.5 tons of elegance forward in a steady but satisfying surge of power. Exactly like a yacht, yes.

It’s quite stunning and definitely an enjoyable experience, something that purveyors of comfort would choose over anything else.

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