Zweite Entwicklung

When was the last time you heard an honest statement in a brand’s name? Rauh Welt Begriff which means Raw World Concept is synonymous with: mean, bad and very Porsche.
If you love Porsches and customization you can easily see them as blank canvass for your imagination. We might guess that the style of the crazy 911 Turbo and the 993 GT2, with wide wheel arches and the big wing on the back have inspired loads of modifications. All Porsche fanatics love the wide body and crazy styling of Stuttgart most extreme machines. Many people always ask to themselves: “why not all Porsches are like the Turbo?”. Wings and large bodies complement the 911 just like a good coffee is the perfect companion for a fie Cuban cigar.
The Japanese seem to have the whole “custom” idea figured out. Whoever thinks that their creations are soulless needs to seriously question their taste or intelligence. Each product that is handmade with passion tells the story of the men who built it: does it make any difference if it comes from the Land of the Rising Sun? Not at all, in my opinion.
RWB stands for an hard core and extreme interpretation of a classic 911. It is the Porsche we all would want to own once in our lives. It’s the most extreme visual re-imagination of an icon, re-born to a Porsche-maniac vision.
RWB’s are not showpieces, and their owners are properly crazy and down-to-earth guys who love to drive their machines and talk about them.
The owner of RWB’s Bangkok garage is a Thai enthusiast named Chin Kanitpong a passionate owner who decided to “import” from Japan the culture of raw Porsches. He was so impressed with the build quality and the unique personality that decided to start his own business in Bangkok, RWB Autohaus.
His garage is a place where cars are just not built and restored but it is the perfect place to enjoy RWB philosophy and share it without any compromise. Each car is modified in the bodywork, the engine is re-built and usually not modified to the extreme.
Just like those built by Nakai-San RWB founder in Japan, 911’s are re-born with bigger fiber glass wheel arches, bigger wheels and real mean attitude. The Company started in 2011 and got bigger and bigger through the years and it became an established business with garages in Japan, Bangkok and LA. Also the community of RWB owners and fans is small but very active: each one just love to spend more time with fellow enthusiasts.
How does Bangkok feel like from behind the wheel of such a machine? To find out, we embarked on a flash journey to Thailand in order to find out. We joined our friends of the RWB Brotherhood for their usual drive around Bangkok to test drive, feel and live the true Porsche fanatic lifestyle. Part of the driving was through town and the crowded streets provide an odd scenario to such a high performance hand-made machine. The ride is not super stiff yet it is very sporty and the car is nimble and quick despite the “signature” load in the back. Imagine the scene: large wings attached to large tires dominating this portion of Asia. Outstanding!
Each car is dominated by the giant rear wing and the interior by the stiff roll cage and minimalistic styling: no racing intended yet it plays the part quite well and it helps you to drive faster.
The engine of each RWB is refreshed and with little modifications, especially voted to reliability and just enough noise and aggression in power delivery.
Do not let their appearance fool you: each car is properly developed and tested after each build by RWB founder Naki-San, who will travel to Thailand to build every single 911 set up the suspension and also teach the customer how to properly drive one. What a neat treat!
RWB is pure passion made metal and fiber glass. It’s a simple mix of good things: but aren’t best things always the simplest?

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