1961 Ferrari 250 GTE

1961 Ferrari 250 GTE

Argento Metallizzato Over Rosso Rubino Leather, ASI Certification, Never Fully Restored and In Very Good Cosmetic and Mechanical Condition.

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There are few numbers more synonymous with Ferrari than 250. Thanks to the period racing success and current values of cars like the 250 SWB and 250 GTO, these three numbers will forever be associated with some of Maranello’s greatest vehicles. That being said, the 250 title wasn’t relegated to just Ferrari racing cars. At the same time that 250s were winning on race tracks around the world, Ferrari was producing a line of road cars with largely the same powertrains and underpinnings, built to haul the wealthy across continents with great speed and comfort. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of these 250 “production” cars was the 250 GT/E- a stunning 2+2 coupe that was beautiful to look at, remarkably practical to use, and an absolute revelation to drive. Between 1959 and 1963, Ferrari produced nearly 1,000 of these GT/Es which helped keep the racing team well-funded and spoke to the desirability of Ferrari’s first proper 2+2 vehicle.

Produced towards the end of 1961, this 1962 250 GT/E is in outstanding survivor condition and, although it has seen some refurbishment over the years, has never been fully restored. Presented in a gorgeous color combination of Argento Metallizzato over Rosso Rubino, this GT/E has always been well-maintained and is coming out of a significant Italian Ferrari collection and has been granted ASI certification. Around the car, the paint and body look to be kept to a very high level, and the chrome work around the car presents very well. It is fitted with a beautiful set of Borrani wire wheels in a matte gray finish, and the Ansa exhausts hint at the car’s sporting pretensions and give off a great noise while being driven hard. This silver color highlights the shape of the 250 GT/E with its subtle character line down the side and is remarkably elegant in person. 

The bright red leather on the inside is a striking contrast to the understated exterior and is in excellent condition throughout. Although some of the leather and carpeting appears to have been replaced over the years, numerous pieces of the interior seem original and the whole inside of the car has the sort of worn-in feel you want from a car of this age. In the center stack, a period-correct radio sits between the two rows of knobs, and the classic large metal ashtray with crossed Ferrari and Pininfarina flags is placed right in the center. The dashboard is dominated by a set of large, chrome-ringed Veglia gauges, while the dash itself along with the trim around the window line, is finished in silver to match the exterior. 

Under the hood sits the heart of the 250 GT/E, the famed 3-liter Gioacchino Colombo-designed V12. A glorious single overhead cam design, the 250 V12 is notorious for its revvy nature, smooth power delivery, and famed long-term durability which Ferrari made their name on in sports car racing throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In the 250 GT/E, this engine is rated at 237 horsepower and is paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox with overdrive for extended highway cruising. Sitting atop the engine is a set of 3 Weber carburetors that, when paired with the 4 Ansa exhaust tips in the rear, make a wonderful noise that is instantly recognizable and can not be replicated by any other car. 

For years the 250 GT/E was an under appreciated Ferrari and many were turned into replicas of 250 racing cars, meaning that out of the almost 1,000 cars produced, far fewer remain today. Thankfully, people have come to appreciate the 250 GT/E for what it is, a gorgeous grand touring car that is perfect for the enthusiast who wants to share the experience of Enzo-era Ferrari motoring with friends and family. This example, with its absolutely stunning color combination and careful maintenance over the years, is sure to be a wonderful car to own and is a stunning addition to any collection. 

32,700 km
Verona, Italy
3.0L V12
4-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Argento Metallizzato
Interior Color:
Rosso Rubino
Total Owners:
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