1989 Ferrari Testarossa

1989 Ferrari Testarossa

Finished in Rare Nero Metallizato Ferrari Over Cream/Black Interior With Ferrari Classiche, and ASI Certification, Showing 31,410 km.

Seller Asking: €145,000

When the Testarossa was first shown to the public in 1984, there was nothing else on the road that looked anywhere near as exotic as Maranello’s newest creation. With its unique side strakes, leading back to the pair of mid-mounted radiators, and wedge styling taken to the max, the Testarossa became an aspirational car for enthusiasts around the world. Although on the outside, the appearance would lead one to believe it drove like a thinly veiled race car, in truth, the Testarossa was designed as a long-distance grand touring car. Able to swallow two passengers and their luggage, the Testarossa was a perfect companion for a trip at speed across the continent, cruising happily along the Autostrada at 120 mph all day long. 

Built in 1989, this Testarossa is both Ferrari Classiche and ASI Certified. It benefits from a number of the updates carried out by Ferrari over the car’s 7-year production run, making it the most refined and easy to live with out of the line. This car is finished in a rare shade of Nero Metallizato Ferrari- a deep metallic black that gives the car a sinister look, while still picking up the intricate design elements that would usually be lost on a black car, thanks to the metallic flake. As a 1989 car, this Testarossa is equipped with the dual exterior mirror setup and the wheels with 5-lug bolts, in contrast to the earlier cars with a singular mirror and single large wheel nut. Although some may claim that the original examples are the purest from a design perspective, the fact is, those unique design cues make the car worse to use for most practical purposes. 

The car's interior shows off the quintessential 2-tone Testarossa interior, with Cream leather covering the seats, door panels, headliner, and rear bulkhead trim, while the dashboard and carpets are finished in black. Showing 31,410 km at the time of cataloging, this Testarossa’s interior is in absolutely outstanding condition throughout and shows only minor signs of wear on the seat bolsters- which is to be expected on a car of this age. Sliding behind the wheel of a Testarossa is a special experience- the steering wheel is wrapped in unbelievably soft leather and the view in front of you is a pair of bright orange gauges with a speedometer reading all the way to 320 kph. 

Sitting right behind the passengers is the heart of the Testarossa- a 4.9 liter Flat-12 that produces 385 horsepower and 361 lb-ft of torque. With a claimed top speed in excess of 180 mph, the Testarossa was one of the fastest cars on sale at the time and proved a credible rival for its Modanese rival, the Lamborghini Countach. All of this power was sent through a 5-speed manual transaxle gearbox with a dog-leg first gear that offers pleasant shift action and gives the wonderful metallic clinking noise that every driving enthusiast loves.

This Testarossa is offered with both the Classiche and ASI certifications as well as the toolkit and service booklet. For years these cars were tremendously underappreciated and many fell into the wrong hands and weren’t cared for properly. That is not something that can be said about this car. With the outstanding paint color, exceptionally cared-for interior, and unbelievable sounding Flat-12 engine, this Testarossa is an extraordinary automobile and not an opportunity to be missed. 

31,410 km
Milan, Italy
4.9L Flat-12
5-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Nero Metallizato Ferrari
Interior Color:
Crema 3997 Autolux
Total Owners:
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