2016 Lamborghini Huracan

2016 Lamborghini Huracan

LP 580-2 with VF800 Supercharger Kit Boosting Power to 805 hp, Finished in Giallo Horus Over Nero Ade, Long-Time California Car Showing Less Than 3,700 Miles From New.

Seller Asking: $239,000

The Lamborghini Gallardo was, at the time, the most successful car ever built by the company, and by the end of the production run, more Gallardos had been built than all previous Lamborghini models combined. So when it came time to replace the Gallardo, Lamborghini knew they had to pull out all of the stops and build a truly great car to fill its shoes. That replacement, the Huracan, debuted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and was a design that immediately got the public’s attention. With more swept back lines, the Huracan appeared lower and sleeker than the outgoing Gallardo and featured numerous small details harkening back to previous Lamborghini models. Like the Gallardo, it was powered by a mid-mounted V10 but the Huracan’s power was increased to 602 hp and utilizes both direct injection and multi-point injection for the first time on a V10. Perhaps the most important development seen on the Huracan was the addition of a 7-speed double clutch gearbox. The Gallardo utilized a 6-speed single-clutch automated manual which worked fine while driving the car at speed but was notoriously temperamental around town and was not known for its smooth engagement. This new gearbox in the Huracan made it simple and comfortable to use around town which meant it was the first Lamborghini you could truly use every day if you so choose. An advanced all-wheel drive system was standard on the car and tuned for maximum performance and is largely imperceptible from behind the wheel. The interior of the Huracan features a fully digital gauge display in front of the driver and a cascading center console with fighter jet-inspired switchgear that offers great tactile feedback. Like the Gallardo before it, the Huracan was a runaway success and has been lauded by automotive media around the world for its sonorous V10 and exceptional handling balance. 

Presented in a beautiful shade of matte Giallo Horus over a Nero Ade interior, this Huracan has been taken to the next level thanks to a VF Engineering Supercharger kit on top of the stock V10. Specializing in superchargers for highly tuned European engines, VF Engineering has been supplying supercharger systems to the aftermarket for nearly 20 years. Based in Southern California, the company has an excellent reputation for building reliable systems that help owners of cars with little aftermarket support, add power in a way that is 100% reversible if that is the preferred path in the future. On the Huracan, their VF800 package consists of a bolt-on Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger which increases power from the factory 602 hp to 805 hp with 610 lb-ft of torque. Because this massive power increase comes courtesy of a roots-style supercharger, there is no lag in power, change in redline or drivability over the standard model. To purchase this system new would cost $30,000 prior to installation. But the VF Engineering supercharger is not the only thing this Huracan has going for it, a lifelong California car, at the time of cataloging the car, shows less than 3,700 miles from new and is in fantastic condition throughout. The bright yellow exterior has been covered in a matte wrap and is accented with a more aggressive aftermarket carbon fiber body kit that consists of side skirts and a front and rear diffuser. The factory Lamborghini wheels are finished in gloss black and a large rear wing has been added- all of these modifications give the car a unique look that is close to that of the Performante, but not quite as extreme. The interior is finished in black leather and Alcantara with yellow stitching throughout and the optional sport seats have been selected which offer better bolstering for both driver and passenger. Even setting aside the supercharger, this Huracan is an excellent car that has clearly been well looked after during its long-term California ownership. But thanks to that VF Engineering supercharger system, the car is taken into a whole new realm of performance and driver enjoyment while remaining a great car to use every day. 

3,679 Miles
San Carlos, CA
Title Status:
5.2L V10
7-Speed Dual Clutch
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Nero Ade
Interior Color:
Giallo Horus
Total Owners:
Car details

Report summary

The car is in overall very good condition and features paint protection film covering all of the body. There are some rock chips in the paint protection film along the front bumper, luggage compartment lid, lower splitter and right front fender. On the front of the car, paint chips are noted on the splitter within the air intakes as well as the lower front lip and some paint chipping has been noted around the exhaust pipes in the rear. The windshield also has some stone chips and a scuff has been noted along the driver’s side sill. Mechanically the car checks out but new tires both front and rear are recommended due to low tread.

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150 point inspection
Optional Equipment

Matt Color - Giallo Horus
LED lighting for Engine
Navigation system NAR
TEB and forged
Brake calipers in Black
Sport exhaust system with
Travel and Smoker
Lifting System +
Rims Mimas forged 20"
Multifun. Steering Wheel
Floor mats w/leather
Contrast Stitching
Sport Bucket Seats
Bluetooth (Hands-Free
Unicolor Sportivo with
Branding Package
Anti Theft System
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