What is ISSIMI?

ISSIMI offers clients a new collector experience built with customer service and trust at its core. No more exorbitant fees, vehicles with unknown provenance, or painful transactions. With over 60 years of combined experience in the specialty car market, ISSIMI’s team is dedicated to bringing transparency to the market for collector cars.

We offer our community of collectors a new set of tools and services to make collecting simpler and more enjoyable:

  • ISSIMI Marketplace: A curated selection of world-class vehicles, a transparent transaction process and fees, with fully managed pre and post-sale logistics.
  • Global Searches: ISSIMI specializes in complex searches for exceptional cars. Not only do we locate cars around the world, but we perform the entire process to verify the car’s quality and get it to your doorstep.
  • ISSIMI Network: Clients are connected to a global network of collectors and specialists, and exclusive access to ISSIMI events.

How does the ISSIMI Marketplace work?

Every car you see on ISSIMI is being sold directly to you by its owner.

Each transaction includes a full inspection report, a secure financial transaction, registration and importation services, and door-to-door logistics.  Buyer and sellers should feel comfortable at all times that their money and vehicles are being looked after in the most professional manner possible.

ISSIMI Condition Report

Before placing an offer, clients can request to view the detailed ISSIMI Condition Report and all related documents or records the Seller has provided. In addition to ISSIMI’s Condition Report, many cars also have their own brand specific inspections, such as Ferrari Classiche Inspections, that will be also presented to interested Buyers.

ISSIMI Condition Guarantee

Each vehicle in the Marketplace has been vetted by our team of Automotive Experts, and comes with ISSIMI’s Condition Guarantee. ISSIMI will stand behind the Condition Guarantee, and if the vehicle’s condition does not match what was warranted, the buyer will have the option of returning the car to ISSIMI for a full refund of the total transaction value.

As a Buyer, how much will I pay?

Once your offer is accepted, the final price for search transactions is your offer plus a commission fee that ranges between 7.5% and 0.5% depending on the transaction value. Additional delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Additional delivery costs can include: shipping, import duties, local tax, and local registration.

A buyer's commission of 2.5% is included in the listing price of vehicles listed for sale on the ISSIMI platform.

There are no additional fees to be paid to any other third parties.

As a Seller, how much do I receive?

95% of the total purchase price with no additional fees or costs deducted. On the ISSIMI platform there is a 5% commission fee split evenly between buyer and seller.

What type of vehicles are sold on ISSIMI?  

All vehicles you see for sale on ISSIMI are being offered by clients.

If a client has a vehicle they wish to sell through ISSIMI, they can reach out to an ISSIMI Advisor, who will discuss various selling options and next steps. If the vehicle in question is not a good fit for the ISSIMI Marketplace, the ISSIMI team works with the client to sell the vehicle through other channels.

How do I register as a Buyer?

ISSIMI requires Proof of Funds from a potential buyer before presenting an offer to the seller. A bank statement, a letter of credit, or a letter from an investment manager are all acceptable. In the case of non-performance, buyers will be charged a 5% commission fee.

Can I request further inspection?

ISSIMI conducts extremely thorough research on every vehicle and consolidates our research into the Condition Report which we share with interested parties. ISSIMI will work with the buyer and seller in the event further information or inspection is needed.

Can I test drive the car?

ISSIMI vehicles are located across the globe. If a buyer is willing to travel to view a vehicle, ISSIMI will work with the seller to coordinate a test drive.

Can I talk to the seller?

ISSIMI screens vehicles and sellers before listing a vehicle on our platform. ISSIMI is also dedicated to making life easy for sellers while protecting their anonymity. We field all buyer inquiries during the sale process and will connect buyers and sellers if necessary.

Do you keep inventory?

ISSIMI does not maintain inventory. We are a platform to connect our clients. This model allows us to focus on the needs of all clients, both buyers and sellers. Additionally, the model allows sellers to maintain possession of their vehicles while the vehicle is listed for sale.