1948 Aston Martin DB1

1948 Aston Martin DB1

The earliest known Aston Martin 2 Litre Sports DB1.

The 2 litre Sports has been by all means the very first car produced by Aston Martin under the ownership of David Brown after his purchase of the Company in 1946 after reading an ad in "The Times" newspaper. After successfully acquiring the struggling Aston Martin for roughly £30.000 from Gordon Southerland, David Brown began his work by creating the 2 Litre Sports, which is also known by its unofficial name "DB1". Starting from the technical design of th Claude-Hill designed Atom saloon prototype, the new 2 Litre Sports featured a pushrod 2.0 litre straight four engine, coil springs all around a torsion bar at the front and Girling brakes all around.

The body design was done by Frank Feeley, who already authored the elegant and seductive Lagonda V12 in the pre-war years. The new streamlined and attractive design was truly a fashion statement for the late 40ies. Praised by Motor Sport magazine in November 1948, the 2 Litre Sports became an exclusive and fast-paced Gran Turismo suitable for those gentlemen who had a distinguished sporting character. 

It is believed that a total of 15 examples were built and currently only 9 are surviving today. Chassis AMC/48/3 is perhaps the earliest known surviving example of the original 15 examples produced during 1948 and 1950. First delivered to the Duke of Hamilton in 1949 in a unique shade of dark blue/grey with tan interior, it was retained by the Family for a number of years before being sold to a number of collectors before being bought by the current custodian some years ago and fully restored by the very best Aston specialists. Chassis AMC/48/3 was repainted in classic British Green at one point in its life, but during restoration it was brought back to its original colour. Used sparingly and never publicly exhibited, it remains a hidden gem of Aston Martin's modern post-war history.

160 KM
Munich, Germany
2 Litre, inline 4
4-Speed Manual + Reverse
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Total Owners:
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