1974 Fiat 124 Abarth Gr.4

1974 Fiat 124 Abarth Gr.4

The 1974 Rally San Marino winner.


The Fiat 124 Abarth Rally has been by far one of the most widely recognizable and competitive rally cars of all time. By all means, it has been the first effort by Fiat to compete in this hard motorsport discipline and it proved to be highly successful. 

The interest of the Turinese Company in rallying started back in the late sixties when privateers began using stock 1600 124's to compete in National rallying competitions. At this early stage, Fiat only provided its Factory support but it didn't have a complete team to compete on its own. The opportunity to create a Works Team came when Fiat acquired Abarth in 1971, gaining immediately all the racing knowledge it needed to compete at World Class level.

As part of the deal, Carlo Abarth imposed on Fiat the condition not to change the engineering team to avoid paralyzing the Company he created. Using the creative genius of experienced engineers such as Ivo Colucci and Stefano Jacoponi, Fiat was able to turn the 124 into a fearsome rally racer.

The first official debut of the Works Team has been on 15th October 1972 at the Rally Portugal with Alcide Paganelli and Ninni Russo who drove their car to an impressive 5th overall. The initial performance encouraged Fiat to continue its Factory effort and on February 12th, 1973 another Works 124 obtained second place in the Costa Brava Rally with Pinto and Bernacchini. Subsequently, an encouraging 4th place followed in the San Marino Rally with Babasio and Macaluso. The first, important international win arrived on April 14th, 1973 in the Yugoslavia Rally thanks to the all-female team of Tominz and Mamolo, therefore making the 124 one of the most feared rally cars of its era. 

1974 marked the debut of the iconic "lobster orange" and light green livery and additional integrated headlamps. The season started with a victory of Bisulli-Zanuccoli at the San Marino Rally, which proved to be a massive boost for the development of the 124. Chassis 0064907, which is offered here was that very car. Part of the batch of cars produced for the 1974 season it features many interesting upgrades that contributed to the successful image of the 124. As a works racer, it benefited from the rare and now desirable 16 valve head, larger fuel tank, side oil radiator and Naca air vents on the sides, where 0064907 was the first 124 ever to be fitted with this specific bodywork modification. Period racing history shows an impressive pedigree, with participations in the Rally di Sicilia, 4 Regioni, Elba and San Remo, where it obtained an impressive 2nd place finish behind Sandro Munari.

In 1975 0064907 was driven to second place in the San Martino di Castrozza with Verini and Rossetti where this 124 played an instrumental part in securing the European Rally Championship of that year for Fiat. Subsequently, it participated in the San Remo Rally with Paganelli - Russo but retired due to an accident. 

Sold at the beginning of 1976 to a lady in Imperia, 0064907 was passed on to a series of enthusiastic owners before being acquired by the current custodian in 2018. Used for some historic events it has been well maintained and looked after. Never subjected to a full restoration, this 124 is highly original and retains its original interior, engine and period components, including the rare Colotti straight-cut gearbox. 

Repainted not long ago in the original "Rosso Aragosta" with correct and contrasting yellow fenders and accents, 0064907 is a historical and highly desirable example of a genuine Factory racer with period wins and participation in the World-Class Rally events.


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Milan, Italy
2.0L Inline 4
5-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
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Interior Color:
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