1982 Porsche 935 JLP4

The most sophisticated of all 935s

From 1979 Porsche decided to do not build anymore their 935 race model, selling just the mechanical parts to the best private Teams like Kremer and Joest in Europe and J.L.P. and Andial in the USA, so that they could continue to race and develop this legendary race car. Designed by famous race engineer Lee Dykstra, the Porsche 935 JLP-4 from the J.L.P. RACING Team owned by John Paul Sr. was adopting many of the latest technologies available by then, being the machine that brought ground-effect to GT racing. With this particular Porsche 935 JLP-4, the legendary American driver John Paul Jr. took two overall wins during the 1982 IMSA season (Brainerd and Portland), that combined with the points obtained with his other Porsche 935 (JLP-3) and a Lola, contributed to make him the Winner of the 1982 IMSA Championship.

This is the very last Porsche 935 to have won an International Championship, as from 1983 the 935s were no longer competitive in overall terms, and they were gradually overshadowed by the GTP Prototypes and the new “Group C” cars. This specific JLP4 was recently brought back to Europe and has been raced few times since then, participating also to Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2014. It has been then undergone to a full mechanical restoration and is ready to be driven.



  • Manufacturer: Fabcar
  • Model: 935 JLP4


  • Model Year: 1982
  • Market Version: X-Race car
  • Certification: Porsche COA
  • Exterior Color: Red/White
  • Exterior Details:  Miller livery
  • Interior Color: Black


    • Engine Type: 3.2 Litre Flat Six, Twin Turbo, 840Hp
    • Gearbox Type: 4 Speed