1984 Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo

Presented at the 1982 Turin Auto show.

Mechanically and aesthetically like the 308, it differentiate only in the engine, a 1991 cm³ V8 from the Dino 208 GT4; subsequently this engine was supercharged by a KKK turbocharger in 1982 and later IHI with addition of the intercooler in 1985, giving birth to the 208 Turbo.

In 1982 mechanical injection and supercharging were introduced, which brought the power to 220 hp; the new version was always presented at the Turin Motor Show. Initially this engine was available only for the GTB and in 1983 also for the GTS.

In 1986, minor modifications were made to the car at the same time as the launch of the Ferrari 328, thanks to the adoption of a Japanese IHI turbine (working pressure 1.05 bar), the intercooler of the BEHR and the electronic control unit Marelli Med, the power increase to 254 hp.

The production of the Ferrari GTB Turbo and the Ferrari GTS Turbo, ended in 1989.


  • Model: 208 GTB Turbo
  • Production Date: 1/19/1984
  • Production Location: Maranello
  • Total produced: 437 in GTB version from 1980 to 1986


  • Model Year: 1984
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari
  • Current Country of Registration: Europe
  • VIN: 493XX
  • Last Mileage (Km or Miles): 48997 km


  • Total Owners: 3
  • Certification: No


  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color: Black 


    • Engine Type: 8-Cylinder V90° Dry-Sump