1994 Porsche Turbo S "Package"

1994 Porsche Turbo S "Package"

The Last and Rarest of the Rear Wheel Drive Turbos, 1 of 17 Examples.


Immortalized on the big screen in the movie Bad Boys, the 964 Turbo 3.6 is arguably the most desirable Porsche Turbo ever made. The exceedingly rare S variant adds more power as well as cosmetic differences which make it even more sought after, making it the ultimate variant of the legendary Porsche Turbo franchise.

The low compression ratio and widely-spaced, tall gearing of the original 930 made it exceedingly frustrating to drive in the real world, an attribute that was dramatically improved by the fitment of the 5-speed G50 transmission in 1989. The comprehensive re-engineering of the 911 that occurred with the introduction of the 964 was extended to the Turbo variant in 1990, with significantly upgraded chassis, suspension, and brakes, but only minor changes to the engine, with displacement remaining at 3.3 liters even though the naturally-aspirated car had grown to 3.6 liters.

A 3.6 liter Turbo finally appeared for the last year of the 964’s production, a change that also saw the compression ratio rise by a half point, improving the off-boost responsiveness of the engine beyond the already useful change resulting from the displacement increase. As production of the improved 3.6 liter car wound down, a number of the cars remained unsold to dealers, and Porsche transferred them to the Exclusive Department to create the Turbo S. More than a light badge job, the Turbo S was significantly reworked with an engine setup derived from the Andial-built Brumos Racing IMSA engine used in the Bridgestone North American Supercar series: a larger turbocharger and intercooler, higher flow fuel injectors, revised intake cams, and upgraded exhaust. To handle the power, suspension was also improved, while a heavy duty clutch and flywheel were also fitted along with upgraded limited slip differential.

Cosmetically, the Turbo S was distinguished by 959-style vents let into the rear fenders, unique front splitter lips, a unique body-color rear tail, and quad exhaust tips, and in some cars, a flat nose treatment with exposed 928-style headlamps. 39 flat nose cars were imported to the United States and 27 for the rest of the global market. In the United States only, a further 17 examples came over equipped identically with the exception of employing the standard fenders with the classic upright 911 headlamps. These so-called “package” cars are massively collectible because they are extremely rare and because represent the last and best of the original Porsche Turbo: still rear wheel drive, still with single turbocharger, and the last of the cars with the lurid flares evocative of the iconic 1970s racing cars like the 3.0 RSR.

This particular example is an exceptional 8,700 mile car that was sold new by Don McGill Imports in Houston, Texas on 2 February 1994. The original window sticker is included with the car and indicates all of the critical Turbo S equipment: X88 increased horsepower driveline, front lip, rear spoiler, and rear fender vents. Additional equipment includes full leather sport seats, rootwood shift knob and handbrake handle, 6-disc CD changer, and electric sunroof. The car has been collector owned its whole life and remains in excellent condition. Most recently, it has been in Arizona where it has been minimally used but regularly serviced. The car is complete with some service records, original window sticker, books pouch with books, and tools.

8,701 Miles
Redwood City, CA
Title Status:
3.6L Turbocharged Flat-6
5-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Black Leather
Total Owners: