2001 Ferrari 360 Spider F1

2001 Ferrari 360 Spider F1

Grigio Titanio Over Black and Gray Interior With Daytona Seats, F1 Paddle Shift Gearbox, Scuderia Shields, and Challenge Grilles, Showing 17,319 Miles.

Seller Asking: $104,000

The Ferrari 360 Modena was a revolutionary car for the brand. As the first mid-engine V8 Ferrari designed with a clean sheet under the direction of company President Luca di Montezemolo, the 360 was a huge leap forward in building a Ferrari that was dependable and offered everyday usability. Partnering with Alcoa, Ferrari developed an all-aluminum space frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than the outgoing F355 while also weighing 28% less, and being larger dimensionally. The angular shape of the F355 was traded for a much more modern design with gentle curves, superior aerodynamics and the removal of pop-up headlights. Thanks to some smart mechanical changes, the 360 was also far simpler to service than the outgoing F355, with the engine no longer needing to be removed for timing belt services, and an updated F1 paddle shift gearbox that wouldn’t eat through clutches in just a few thousand miles. Since the debut of the 360, Ferraris have only gotten better to use every day, but with that, they have also lost some of the magic you come to expect from the brand. These cars, built between 1999 and 2004 are a total sweet spot in the mid-engine V8 Ferrari range which offer loads of the classic Italian charm, without many of the headaches typically associated with classic car ownership. 

This 2001 Ferrari 360 Spider is a lifelong California car that shows just 17,319 miles at the time of cataloging. Finished in Grigio Titanio with a black convertible top, this F1 transmission-equipped car has been well cared for and presents exceptionally well throughout. The Grigio Titanio paint on this car is a stunning choice- especially when paired with the beautiful red brake calipers and Challenge mesh grille in the rear. This car was also optioned with the ever popular fender shields which look fantastic and offer great contrast against the silver paint. 

Inside the 360, the interior was optioned with two-tone seats that feature the sought after “Daytona” style seat inserts. Finished in black leather with light gray inserts, the Daytona seats are an homage to the interior of Ferrari’s 365 GTB/4 from the late 1960s and early 1970s, which consists of deviated colored ribbing with special stitching in the seat centers. The dashboard is also wrapped in black leather and looks timeless with just three large HVAC vents in the center and a gauge cluster in front of the driver with an aluminum surround. Above the two seats sits a mesh wind deflector which does an excellent job of cutting down buffetting inside the cabin and means you can more easily hear the sound of the engine right behind your head. 

Powered by a Tipo F131 3.6-liter V8, the 360 produced 395 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque which allows the car to run from 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds. This performance figure was aided by the addition of an F1 6-speed automated manual gearbox which allows for perfect shifts both up and down, every time you pull one of the column-mounted paddles. Included with this sale is the original leather binder which contains the owner's manual and service book, as well as the Ferrari specification battery charger in its corresponding Schedoni leather case. 

With the 360 Modena’s introduction to the public in 1999, it is just one year away from officially achieving “classic” status- but all it takes is a short time interacting with a 360 to know that it has always been a truly special car. Still plenty fast by modern car standards, the 360 is not so laden with technology that you feel like a passenger behind the wheel, yet it still remains reliable and usable enough to be driven every day. This 360 Spider in its uncommon and appealing color combination is sure to be a joy to use and will inspire you to drop the top at every possible opportunity to hear the mechanical V8 noise right behind your head each time you press the throttle. 

17,319 Miles
San Carlos, CA
Title Status:
3.6L V8
6-Speed F1 Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Grigio Titanio
Interior Color:
Total Owners:
Car details

Report summary

Around the car, there are numerous stone chips and pitting from use on the road. On the front fenders, some old paint protection film is present and beginning to show signs of fading from age, and the front hood, bumper, and fenders appear to have been resprayed according to the paint meter readings. Under the car, some damage has been noted on the splitter/undertray and some screws by the rear diffuser are missing. The alignment of the car needs to be checked as the steering wheel is slightly off-center and the oil pressure gauge is faulty and should be repaired. There are some oil leaks and minor seepage that has also been noted under the engine which need to be addressed. 

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