2005 Porsche Carrera GT

2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Final Year Carrera GT in Black. Completely Unmolested Car Retained by Its Original Owner Until 2021.


The last ten years have brought tremendous automotive developments, in both conventional cars and performance cars. Manual transmissions and naturally-aspirated engines are increasingly rare, while hybridization and automation have become the norm. Consequently, cars from just 10 or 15 years ago offer a significantly different experience from today’s cars, something which enthusiasts are now very much keyed into. 

The Carrera GT is quickly emerging as one of the pinnacle automobiles from this less digitalized era, a noteworthy characteristic given its heritage. The closest commercial predecessor to the Carrera GT is the 959. Both are technically sophisticated, costly, limited production halo cars, but they are remarkably divergent philosophically. While the 959 is an exercise in the most cutting edge-technology available when it debuted (specifically computer controlled AWD and twin-turbochargers), the Carrera GT is a love letter to the naturally aspirated exotic, eschewing a paddle shifted gearbox and turbos for manually shifted 6-speed and an 8,400 RPM V10 developed from Porsche’s stillborn 3.5 liter Formula 1 V10.

The resulting car is an absolute sensation to drive. With over 600 HP in its carbon chassis and an absolutely bonkers soundtrack, the Carrera GT is an experience in a way that already feels worlds away from today’s exotics, which is doubtless contributing to the explosive rise in their values. There is an engaging, involving character to the car which demands the driver’s participation and rewards thoughtful, skilled operation and makes this one of the greatest Porsche road cars of all time.

Sold new by Carlsen Porsche in Redwood City, California, this two-owner 2005 Carrera GT was retained by its original owner for 16 years and has always lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has not been modified, and was originally optioned with a carbon fiber shift knob, and handbrake handle, thicker steering wheel, and floor mats. Present with the car is the original Carrera GT presentation box containing V10 paperweight, sales brochure and VHS(!). The car also comes with press photos and color chart and the original allocation agreement between Carlsen and the first owner, and the leather pouches which go inside the hidden door compartments accessed from the door shut area. This is an exceedingly rare opportunity to acquire a completely unmolested black last-year Carrera GT which has covered just 2,200 miles from new.

2,196 Miles
San Carlos, CA
Title Status:
5.7L V10
6-Speed Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Dark Grey
Total Owners: