2017 Porsche Targa 4 GTS

Paint to Sample Fashion Grey Targa 4 GTS. $25,000 in Options Including 18-Way Sport Seats, GTS Interior Package, and More. Window Sticker, Books, Tools, and Records.

Originally introduced for the 1967 model year as a “safety convertible” with integrated roll hoop, the Targa nameplate became an integral part of the Porsche 911 franchise for over two decades. Designed in response to anticipated safety legislation in the United States that would outlaw convertibles, the Targa remained the sole open variant of the 911 until the 911SC Cabriolet appeared for the 1983 model year. The Targa soldiered on through the end of the 964 generation in 1994 before being substantially re-engineered for the first time when the 993 Targa appeared. This new Targa roof was fully glass and retracted at the push of a button, obviating the need to stop and awkwardly fold the removable roof panel and store it in the car someplace. This Targa format existed for an additional twenty years before the third iteration of Targa roof appeared for the 991 in 2014.

The 991 Targa roof was also fully electric, but through  some clever engineering, returned to the distinctive integrated roll bar aesthetic that defined the first 25 years of the Targa, bringing together the best of the first two generations into one iconic package. Available exclusively with all wheel drive, the 991 Targa was offered in three forms, with the GTS being the most powerful and sporting: substantially evolved over lower trim levels to provide the top of the line Targa experience.

This Targa 4 GTS was sold new in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it has remained its entire life. Tastefully finished in the paint to sample color of Fashion Grey, the car is well equipped with GTS interior package, 18 way sport seats, premium package, heated carbon fiber steering wheel, power steering plus, Bose stereo, power folding mirrors, lane change assist, PDK, and more. The options totaled approximately $25,000 for an original MSRP of $165,640. The car is complete with window sticker, books, tools, and records.

PRICE: $139,000


  • Year: 2017
  • Manufacturer: Porsche
  • Model: Targa 4 GTS
  • VIN: WP0BB2A9XHS137023
  • Current Country of Registration: United States
  • Last Mileage (Km or Miles): 9,244 miles


      • Total Owners: 1


      • Exterior Color: Fashion Grey
      • Interior Color: Black Leather


        • Engine Type: 3.0 Liter Twin-Turbocharged Flat-6
        • Gearbox Type: 7-Speed Dual Clutch