1993 Bugatti EB 110 SS

An icon of its generation. Chassis number 009, one of the first pre-production EB110 Supersports.

    THIS EB110: THE STORY OF SS 39009

    The SS39009 was likely the first EB110 Supersport (SS) in the definitive Supersport configuration. This chassis features all SS attributes: 5 lateral air inlet holes, brake cooling outlet vents behind the front wheels, and a front bumper with an aerodynamic plate at its base. Despite these Supersport-specific features, the number displayed near the front wheel arch, S9 (Supersport, chassis N°9), suggests chassis SS39009 is not a production Supersport model.



      • Model: EB 110 SS
      • Production Date: 3/31/1994
      • Production Location: Campogalliano
      • Total produced: 32


      • Model Year: 1994
      • Manufacturer: Bugatti
      • Current Country of Registration: Europe
      • VIN: ZA9BB02E0RCD39009
      • Last Mileage (Km or Miles): 62000


      • Exterior Color: Grigio Chiaro
      • Interior Color: Blue Scuro


        • Engine Type: 3.5 lt - 12 cyl - Quad-turbocharged
        • Engine Number: 031
        • Gearbox Type: Manual