A Porsche a Man can buy

Friends come a long way and often will offer to join them for a joyride on the classic Gardesana road of Lake Garda.
Being lovers of the “Gardesana Thunder” living, we take every chance we have to enjoy some loud exhaust notes on tunnels. We love to downshift, accelerate, and make noise like 16 year olds. Yes, at 25 years of age we still do this with friends and expensive toys and enjoy every moment of it.
Just when you think that the motoring season is over, the call from a friend from Germany saying that he’s going to spend a few days on the Lake Garda with his brand new Porsche Boxster, will come as an unexpected and pleasant surprise.
Thundering down the road coasting the Lake in an unsuspecting Teutonic spider with the fresh air of September between the hair is one of life’s simplest pleasures.
Let’s be honest here: the boxster and the Cayman are the mid-engined flat sixes we’d love to drive once in our lives. God forbid the 911, the most Porsche of all Porsche, but these two are the Porsches for non typical Porsche guys.
In spite of this, no one can question their serious performance and ability to transmit some emotions.
We’ll sure won’t forget our ride in this awesome piece of machinery.

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