All Purpose Porsches

Porsche and diesel. Still after years from the introduction of the first model in 2009 it’s still something that may be sound like chalks grinding on a blackboard for many enthusiasts. “The 3.0 liter Audi V6 should not touch the holy metal of a Porsche: only gasoline engines allowed!” This is a popular saying among many fanatics. How could we best a decision from one of the most legendary auto makers? I guess we can’t. After all, our beloved 911 is still powered by good old fashioned petrol.

The Cayenne and Macan Diesel embody the all purpose Porsche that will fit perfectly everywhere. Today, manufacturers are (rightfully) obsessed with the idea of everyday practicality in high end performance machines: SUV’s like the Cayenne and Macan diesel could be the most direct representations of this philosophy. They’re the two Porsche enthusiasts loved to hate at first but now love to have.

They’re the epitome for wealthy-every-day: diesel can power some fine German luxury if you ask. The 3.0 liter V6 is a flexible power-plant as it finds its way into Audi’s top-of-the-line diesel models and can move more than 2 tons worth of SUV.

The Cayenne could be the perfect vehicle to tow around your 911 GT3 to the race track or to carry your friends in a lone cave to go off roading. It’s the biggest all purpose Porsche we need: it goes everywhere. It is remarkably comfortable for highway cruising and will get you out of the mud and gravel, whenever you’ll encounter harsh conditions on your travels.

It’s engine is not what you wouldn’t define as a torque monster but it’s not for wimps as well. Predictably, the Cayenne we tested, which was a regular Diesel model, was bulky yet surprisingly agile and had narrower section tires than the Macan. Howevew, it’s spaceous, comfortable and not meant for some serious SUV sporty driving. The Macan however was the real stunner and it felt like driving a go-kart in comparison: agile, faster and perhaps a better package for the same amount of money as the Cayenne.

It is also the SUV a stylish and elegant girl like our friend Sara Nase seems to like for a perfect day shopping with Marran, her well known attention-seeking puffy dog. We all know Sara’s excellent work on her website Get Palmd so we teamed up with her once again to do a quick test drive and head out to a supermaket for a bit of shopping. Girls will be girls after all…!

Practicality intended by Porsche is well known in the classic 911, but we are sure that, like elegance and good manners, it’s always good to have plenty. Better if it comes with the famed badge from Stuttgart we all know and truly love.

Nevermind, performance diesels from Porsche can be the perfect substitute for a daily petrol engine. They do not sound like passion but their compromise between acceptable levels of performance and great flexibility for daily can turn your daily commute into something that can be enjoyed regularly.


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