Bmw M Trackday

There are questions that command only one answer. If M Power asks you to join them for a full day at the Franciacorta track, testing the latest of their range, no one is so fool to say “no”. Since the letter M stands for enhanced BMW driving dynamics and is synonymous with purebred track performance we couldn’t wait to jump in the seat and have some proper fun at the track with these outstanding machines.
Starters are perhaps the best part of a large meal: they are the delicious beginning of something that will absolutely great: with a few laps allowed for each car we tested we had even more excitment to feel the difference betweem each car. It was an M day shootout: M4’s, X5’s and the brand new M2. Premiering in Italy there was the already mighty M4 GTS which was used as a passenger only car for the press: the BMW instructors had had barely any time in it so we weren’t allowed to test it. I’ll give a first impression with some technical terms: louder than hell and sexy looking.
We had the pleasure of sharing the seat of the M cars with Le Mans specialist and long term Ferrari racer Luca Drudi, who thought us the proper way around the circuit and how to treat these beauties with respect.
Accompanying the M4 and M2 there was a remote control which opened the exhaust pipes and turned the exhaust from street to racing specimen. Each car shook the ground as it passed by: beauty has a new meaning now.
M Power equals to BMW driving dynamics at its best: the M4 and M2 were astoundingly awesome to drive. The chassis balance, the presence of racy details like the led-equipped alcantara steering wheel and the suspension set up were the perfect match for the 410 hp twin turbo L-6 engine. The precision of the steering was just phenomenal and the braking performance consistent and powerful throughout the whole duration of the session. If you buy a brand new M car you can monitor your performance with the dedicated app: this add to the experience of sitting behind the wheel of a racing car with a whole team working for you in your iPad. You can review your lap and see how much steering angle, throttle, brake and line you used: helpful stuff for enthusiast customers and drivers.
Connect your device into the USB portal and analyze the data of your laps while relaxing in the pits and share it on Facebook. You won’t believe how good this app is.
The M6 and X5 we also tested were the real deal: despite the weight, they were fast, comfortable and had an attitude to slay the tires mercilessy throughout each corner. The X5 is the most comfortable and tall racing car we’ve ever driven: pure performance mixed with outstanding comfort.
We could have spent days behind the wheel of the M cars present but as every starter you get, it’s the prelude of a bigger meal that’s going to be epic. We’re now waiting for the main course, served by the legendary M division chefs.

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