Escape through Geneva 2019

It’s that time of the year again. The Geneva Auto Show is the place where we get to see the toys which we’ll be playing with during the course of the year. Enthusiasts and journalists all across the Globe come to see what’s new and what’s going to happen to our world. For us it is a mere question of: which one will be more friendly to an Escape attitude.

Singer DLS

Well…it had to be. EoW #1 car of the Geneva Auto Show (and could be the #1 drive experience of 2019 maybe) is her, the (already) almighty DLS. It’s the 911 turned up to 11, the car Porsche should be making: the lightweight and super focused air-cooled marvel that has F1 technology in it. It’s a pure focus on the driving experience, maximized to the point where a 30-year-old car is as fresh as the newest track-day weaponry. Also…the last time Williams touched a road car, the wonderful Renault Clio, it turned it into a marvellous thing. This time, Singer went ballistic and worked also with Hans Metzger to create the forbidden apple from the tree of cars. Just look at the way the air intakes are integrated into the rear side-windows, the design of the rear and you just know you’re mind is already blown. Let’s hope Singer gives us a try soon enough.


How is possible not to like RUF? The main question around the new CTR is “would you buy one for that ludicrous price tag?”. In this case, this is a rethorical question. Yes. Just by looking at it feels like the best driver’s car in the world. Let’s be honest, these can be the petrolhead cars of the future, the ones we’ll never see offered again by big manufacturers. This is how enthusiasts think cars should be like and this trend will likely see the customer base who once bought GT3’s either going back to the roots or turning (and these will always be the lucky few) towards cars like the CTR. In their “old-schoolness” are fresh and intriguing, promising and exciting. Long live these marvels made out of pure passion.

Pininfarina Battista

If you name a car after your Founder, it has to be great. Allow to say this: the Battista could have been the new F8. It looks exactly as a car from Maranello should look and it is a purveyor of the most exquisite Italian design. Looks sharp but elegant at the same time and makes the point of being a fine car without using a complete abuse of angles shapes and lines. Also, it’s electric: 1900hp with a mind boggling 0-300 in 13 seconds. Sounds like it could easily develop an addiction for launch controls! Official data said that it can cover 450 km and that it takes between 20 to 40 minutes to charge the batteries to 80%. Should it be better in the bends than the LaFerrari? Hope to find out very soon. The Battista is the proof that Turin is still capable of producing excellent cars.

Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans

You do not overlook the fact that Bugatti is 110 years old. The manufacturer that first brought art into the automobile world needs a proper birthday. Perhaps a little redundant in the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge theme (they’re French and proud after all), this 1500hp satin-blue monster is indeed something that is worth your attention. Would Ettore have imagined that one day La Marseillaise could be played by an ensemble of 4 turbos, 16 cylinders, leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber? The French flag painted on the back of the rear wing looks like the livery of a WWI bi-plane SPAD fighter and the dark blue finish gives the car a stealthy and intriguing look: what’s not to like? It sure would be great to unleash the power of the Chiron on the roads around Molsheim: 110 years have never felt so powerful. Happy birthday Bugatti.

Aston Martin Valkyrie/RB003/Vanquish Vision

What do Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Rimac and Aston Martin have in common? The Valkyrie. Not a new car by any means but how not to talk about a naturally aspirated hybrid V12 supercar? If you fancy the idea of having a streetable LMP1 car you should definitely put yourself on the list. Also, the new RB003 and Vanquish Vision are the completion of what seems to be a very exciting future ahead for Aston Martin.

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