Escape through Genève 2016

Testing supercars on race tracks is common practice for automotive journalists in order to properly test the performance of staggering machines. This test of a 430 Spider was no exception, as we tested it around Singapore… around one of the few street tracks in the world that has a lot more starting lights and grids than a regular circuit.
It sure was a strange feeling, driving a RHD Ferrari in town, with some traffic and not a lot of space to skid the rear tires, yet the fun we had was immense. The push and distinct sharp response from the 4.3 liter Ferrari V8 and its glorious sound made the streets of Singapore resonate with the music of a proper horse charge from Maranello.
The violent and crude gearshifts from the F1 gearbox made the whole experience even more special: yes, we like old school, raw paddle transmissions. They are much more real than the ones used in contemporary cars. If you can’t get a manual, always aim for the old school. Always.
The 430 is still a common Ferrari yet it’s one of the ones that will be cherished forever by all enthusiasts. It was an honor to drive it on the streets of Singapore.

We thank our friends at Ultimate Drive for the amazing experience.

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