Ready for Delivery: a shakedown in a brand new GT3 RS

Driving a brand new 911 GT3 RS is an utter privilege, but testing one right before delivery is something unique. Not many people can see Porsche hottest and latest creations from the window of their dining room. I lived all my life close to Porsche Service Center and racing team Ebimotors, whose master mechanic Maurizio used to test cars at lunchtime right before delivery to the customer. He’s my neighbor and he still parks Porsches in front of my door when he stops at home from a break from testing.
When he parked a brand new 991 GT3 RS in front of my door I decided to join him on his pre-delivery test route of new cars before being delivered to the customer.
We both live close to the garage but we took the long way to back in order to give the car a brief shakedown. Maurizio told me that it was a good occasion to test the brand new sport exhaust he had just installed during the morning. Pre-delivery customization is one of the specialty of Ebimotors garage: any modification can be made in-house and certified by Porsche itself, leaving no worries to the customer upon taking delivery.
The RS we took out testing wasn’t just the only one they were delivering: it was one of three: pretty awesome, isn’t it?
The thrill of seeing a new car being tested on the road for the first time is to see the odometer turning from 0 to 1 km. It excites me to think that this is the beginning of a great adventure.
We thank master mechanic Maurizio Epifani and Ebimotors for this unique experience.

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