Riding with the 2016 Pagani Raduno

God created California for a reason: after all I bet he drives a Pagani too. Italy is perfect for supercar but the West Coast is divine. Maybe is a piece of driving paradise accessible to us common mortals.

From the Mountains to the ocean, from vines of Napa Valley to the salty breeze of the Pacific Ocean, several Modena-Born Paganis stormed this lil’ old piece of America. Fire breathing machines all toghether in an epic horse charge. 

Pagani Automobili sure knows how to attract proper petrolhead customers and storm the gasoline filled avenues of Monterey’s during the famed Car week. Italians need V12’s, howling like a wolf at distance and screaming like an eagle when charging your position. Echos of the exhaust notes across the mountains seemed to increase the power of these fine machines and riding with them felt like taking part of the noble Winged Hussars knitghs of XVI Century Europe. Paganis are part of Europe’s noblest blood (or as should I say, gasoline) and was mesmerizing being there, among so much beauty.

Obviously, one too many AMG’s were the perfect side dish to the Pagani Raduno. 12 cylinder handcrafted AMG engines are the beating heart of Pagani Automobili and it’s normal to follow a good portion of the tour down to Monterey with a brand new AMG GTS. An 100% Teutonic pur sang war-horse twin turbo V8 Berlinetta which is as good as production performance cars can get. Stiff chassis and a great suspension system, race-car rigid through bends, supple and relaxing when cruising. We had our own 1st class seat, just Like Presidents have their own in Theaters.

Paganis are some of the last great, truly hand-made performance and passion-driven machines that still roam the World. And California seems a natural place for them.

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