Sisu’s Polka

Polka is the kind of music that will make you want to dance. Its binary timing and happy sounds will make you want to dance and have some fun. It’s just like the type of rhythm you need to have when you drive in the snow: tap your feet on the pedals and stay within the flow of the music.

This type of folk music is as Finnish as a hot sauna in the middle of a frozen forest or a rally car downtown Helsinki. You see, to get your head around ice/snow driving you need to learn the “ice dance”: left foot braking, gentle on the throttle, and twist the car sideways like you would with your hips at a folk festival in the middle of Lapland. This is really it.

Snow driving, polka and roasted reindeer go incredibly well together in the deep north. You must be feeling sorry for these chaps up here: -40° Celsius almost all year round, no girls bikinis…fun must be difficult to have! After all, is not by chance that Subaru has chosen Lapland for these tests: 2 days of a full immersion sampling some of the best 4wd vehicles you can buy, with lots of fun to be had in challenging off-road trails and in the extreme conditions of the deep north. Fun, Safe and Tough!

No wonder why Finland almost surely invented rallying and yobbo-style driving: these norsemen truly know how to have fun with what they’ve got!

A quintessentially AWD-oriented brand like Subaru is perfectly at home here for sure. Yet, since going against fashion is what we like, two wheel drive is what we need. The BRZ is always been one of Escape’s favourite cars: it’s fun, spacious and more importantly can drift on demand.

What better occasion to put this true favourite of ours in the snow? Take it to Lapland, of course! Fun is something that all manufacturers should integrate in their own line up. The BRZ is a dancer and loves Polka. Also, it’s a rallyist’ dream: you can Scandinavian flick it, drift it, do donuts for as much as you like and she’ll always be docile and willing to obey. It’s the perfect machine able to take out your inner Sisu, the courage you have in you

Finnish drivers know that very well: to drive like they do you have to be willing to do that the proper way, so you need to have strength and determination in order to succeed. On ice and snow, it is just a matter of being able to coordinate with your feet and arms with your heart: just like dancing, right?

Keep the rhythm going and the BRZ will just be your friend. A docile and addictive sportscar which will make you fall in love with the cold lands of the north. How sweet!

No matter how you put it, it is highly likely that Santa Claus was born a rallyist, there’s no question about it. Dancing with cars in the snow with the rhythm of polka in the middle of winter is always the best way to warm yourself up in the cold. And reindeers always look better when they’re roasted.

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