Über Power

Power and soul. This short sentence could define the Alpina B6, the über GT based on the series 6 chassis. The one tested here, a mint 2006 E63 based example, is the embodyment of pure German grand touring. Big engine, big car, bug fun. Each one of this series was numbered and this one was an early one, number 70.

Its 4,4 supercharged 500hp engine is not your typical modern powerplant: it’s designed for pure power and nothing else. 700 Nm of torque are available between 4 and 5.000 rpm and it is more than enough to pull a house out of its foundations. Alpinas have always embodied Germany’s take on automotive excess and on the B6 everything seems to be turned up to 11. In every way, everything is re-developed by the Company and the use of BMW parts is only kept to a minimum. Plus, Alpinas are true Unicorns: you don’t see them very often and when you do, it’s an event.

The B6 with its ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox is a wonderful thing to drive on a long journey and with the suspension tweaked more for comfort rather than high-G cornering madness, it provides a relaxing experience. Forget the M6 for a moment and enjoy the focused nature of the B6: It’s the step up in power from the old 645i E63 model and a step down in sheer performance from the M6. And it has a character of its own and doesn’t feel a “suspended” Frankenstein between two BMW’s. The Alpina B6 is one of the most quintessential Autobahn stormers.


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