How do I buy a car?

Every vehicle on our platform is sold directly to you by its owner.

Each transaction includes a comprehensive inspection report, a secure financial transaction, registration and importation services, and door-to-door logistics. 

Before moving forward with a purchase, buyers can view the ISSIMI Condition Report and all related documents or records the Seller has provided. In addition to ISSIMI’s Condition Report, every US car will come with a Carfax history report, and some cars may have their own brand-specific inspections, such as Ferrari Classiche Inspections.

What is ISSIMI?

ISSIMI is a marketplace to buy and sell collector and enthusiast cars. Rather than just being an online listing platform, we offer a full white-glove service. From preparing a seller’s vehicle for sale, to coordinating transportation for the buyer, our combined 80 years of automotive experience ensures every party has a seamless experience.

On top of transaction management, we offer global searches for exceptional cars worldwide, we have a full-service workshop from routine maintenance to full restorations, and we hold regular events for our ISSIMI community.

Buying and selling your car should be fun. We make sure it is.

Why should I use ISSIMI?

We are not a dealer, but transactions through us are more than just a private party transaction. You get the best of both worlds - upfront and transparent information to help your search, while shopping from the comfort of your own home.

As more buyers shift their search online, ISSIMI gives you confidence with transparent and detailed listings, high quality photos and videos, and historical market data.

We have dedicated staff to support both buyers and sellers. From loading the first listing to loading the car for transport, we help manage the experience from beginning to end.

Both buyers and sellers are vetted to prevent scammers from using our platform.

I want to sell my car. How does it work?

Submit your car here. We will get back to you quickly and go over the details of your car. If it is a good fit, we will arrange transportation to one of our facilities, complete a full inspection, shoot a professional photograph and video set, and securely store it on your behalf until the vehicle is sold.

Once the vehicle is in our possession, no action is needed from your end until the vehicle is sold and we send you payment.

What cars do you accept?

We realize collector and enthusiast cars can be somewhat subjective. We believe vehicles that have historical significance or contribute to engineering developments are best showcased through our platform.

However, we don’t want to limit or define the terms “collector” and "enthusiast" to our own interpretation.

Please submit your vehicle and we can work together to see if it’s a fit!

Do you offer vehicle inspections?

To further our mission of bringing trust and transparency to the secondary market, ISSIMI created an in depth inspection that is unique in the automotive industry. An ISSIMI report is a true mechanical inspection performed by marque experts to inform asset quality and value, not just a traditional binary checklist meant to enable sales or a long, draconian PPI list. The mechanical component of the inspection is paired with a full background research project into the provenance of the particular chassis, including collection and auditing of all available documentation, from service records, ownership transfers, import/export certificates, restoration invoices, and third party marque specific reports where possible.

Each individual inspection is performed in ISSIMI's proprietary inspection platform and database to track asset quality at a moment in time but also the provenance and history of a given chassis number.

An ISSIMI report is far more in depth than the type of inspections and research docs currently being used by dealers and auction houses, and client feedback tells us the ISSIMI approach is the type of inspection that experienced buyers require and elite sellers are happy to provide.

What is the ISSIMI Quality Guarantee?

Each vehicle on our platform has been vetted by our team of automotive experts, and comes with ISSIMI’s Quality Guarantee. If the vehicle’s condition does not match what was warranted, the buyer will have the option of returning the car to ISSIMI for a full refund of the total transaction value.

What if I want to finance the car?

We have several financing partners to help you choose the best option for you, whether you plan on financing or leasing the vehicle. When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll discuss the best options with you.

Do you keep inventory?

We do not purchase cars, as we are a peer-to-peer marketplace to connect our clients. This model allows us to focus on the needs of both buyers and sellers. Additionally, the model allows sellers to maintain possession of their vehicles while the vehicle is listed for sale. This translates to lower fees and a better outcome for all parties.

Can I talk to the seller?

ISSIMI screens vehicles and clients before listing on our platform. ISSIMI is also dedicated to making life easy for sellers while protecting their anonymity. We field all inquiries during the sale process and will connect buyers and sellers if necessary.

What fees do you charge?

Sellers: We charge a fixed rate of 5% of the sales price of the car, contingent on a successful sale.

Your sale is guaranteed in the 90-day agreement - if it does not sell in 90 days, you have the option to cancel the agreement at no cost. If you choose to cancel within the 90 days, we charge a cancellation fee of $1,000 to cover some of the costs associated with preparing the vehicle for sale.

Buyers: None. You pay for the price of the vehicle, plus shipping and taxes/registration in your respective governing state.

Couldn’t find your answer?

You can email or call us anytime and we’d be happy to answer any questions.