For Sellers

An ISSIMI Advisor will walk you through the current market inventory, auction results, and pricing trends. ISSIMI then offers a turnkey service for sellers at a fraction of the fees charged by dealers and auction houses.

  1. Prelisting Work: We use our extensive network to locate potential buyers as we collect all documents and records and capture the media needed for the listing.
  2. Inspection: We send one of our team members to carefully assess the car, often together with one or more marque experts to provide an even deeper look at the car’s quality.
  3. Purchase: We convey offers and negotiate the terms of purchase in a transparent fashion that ensures all parties understand the specifics of the deal.
  4. ISSIMI Condition Guarantee: The ISSIMI inspection gives potential buyers full transparency into the condition of the vehicle and enables us to offer a Condition Guarantee to all buyers. If the delivered car is not as warranted ISSIMI will unwind the transaction at no cost to the buyer or seller. While an ISSIMI inspection and listing brings more scrutiny than the as-is listings of traditional dealers and auction houses, it results in far more buyer confidence and a better result for all parties.
  5. Optional services: We can provide a number of services that enhance the value of your car. Whether it needs a light service or more significant work to return it to its exact original specification, ISSIMI has a network of marque specialists to bring a car to the next level. We can also oversee the certification process by the original manufacturer, research the provenance of the car, and in some cases, reunite a car with significant figures from its past and produce a video to document the moment. ISSIMI is also able to resolve complex title or ownership situations.
  6. Logistics: No matter where in the world the car will be delivered, we can get it to the buyer's door and handle the necessary importation formalities along the way.

1983 Lancia 037: Driven by Walter Röhrl to victory in the 1983 Monte Carlo Rally, chassis number 305 helped Lancia secure its 1983 World Rally Championship, the last to ever be won by a rear wheel drive car. We located this car in Europe for its enthusiastic new owner and oversaw significant restorative work, which included precisely returning the car to its 1983 Monte Carlo livery. We also had the car certified by Abarth Classiche for the new owner. Finally, arranged for Walter Röhrl to drive the car again after all these years, and produced a video documenting the reunion.