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Our service is end-to-end, from when we pick up your car, to delivery with its new owner.

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We’ll carefully review the details of your car, then connect with you to discuss your strategy and your vehicle's current market values.

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When you’re ready, we’ll send an enclosed transport to pick up your vehicle to inspect, take professional photos and video, and list on our platform.

We find a buyer

Your listing is shared with our global community of car enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring maximum exposure for your car.

You get paid

We manage all paperwork and logistics to get your vehicle delivered to its new owner. We ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.

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When your car sells. No sale, no fee.
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See what other buyers and sellers have said about ISSIMI.

"I sold a high-end supercar through ISSIMI in Q1'21. They were top notch to work with every step of the way - pickup, marketing preparation, communication, and finally paperwork and payment. I'd happily work with them again in the future."

Benjamin S.

"ISSIMI takes great care of their clients and cars. They are very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable to work with. Thank you, I'm very happy for my purchase."

Alan L.

"This is not your usual car buying experience or your usual cars. Nothing but to best are sold through Issimi. You will never be disappointed with the care and professionalism. Perfection has arrived."

Dusty G.