2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

One of Ferrari’s Great Drivers Cars In Beautiful Tour de France Blue Over Gray Alcantara With 19,200 Miles From New.

Seller Asking: $285,000

When Ferrari debuted their F430 at the 2004 Paris Motor Show as the followup to the 360 Modena, it represented a tremendous leap forward in technology for its mid-engine V8 line of cars. The F136 V8 was a completely new unit from that found in the 360 and produced over 480 horsepower out of 4.3 liters, while increasing in weight by less than 9 pounds. Gone were the notorious timing belts and in their place, a chain-driven cams which drastically reduced servicing costs while increasing reliability in the process. The exterior design provided more downforce while maintaining the same drag coefficient as the 360 and the interior was designed with ergonomics in mind making it a much more comfortable place to be for long drives. But even with all of these improvements, true driving enthusiasts wanted more. During the 360’s production, a limited run of track-focused Challenge Stradales were built- stripped-out versions of the road car with increased power and greater agility- which were meant to compete with the likes of the contemporary GT3 RS. At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Ferrari showed off their new F430 Scuderia. Introduced by 7-time F1 Drivers Championship Winner Michael Schumacher, the Scuderia took everything that people loved about the standard F430 and turned it up to make the already great F430 into a world-class driver’s car. The headline figures were a weight drop of 220 pounds and a 20 hp power bump, but those numbers alone did not tell the whole story. A faster shifting single clutch paddle shift gearbox known as Superfast2 was able to change gear in just 60 milliseconds and provided an exciting, visceral feeling when driving at speed. The stripped-out interior, void of carpets and most sound deadening make the driver feel completely connected with the road, and the freer-flowing exhaust adds a noise that is distinctly Ferrari and sends chills down the driver's spine every time they run up the tachometer. 

This 2009 F430 Scuderia is finished in stunning Tour de France Blue with a painted gray and black factory stripe package, over a gray Alcantara interior. A lifelong California car, this Scuderia shows 19,202 miles at the time of cataloging and is the perfect car for the enthusiast looking to get out and drive. The deep metallic blue on the exterior is accented with a set of dark gray finished wheels and the mirrors and rear fascia panel are finished in gloss carbon fiber. That gloss carbon carries over into the interior where it covers the doors, paddle shifters and center console and the Scuderia-specific bucket seats are finished in gray Alcantara with black mesh centers which provide excellent support while remaining comfortable on longer trips. The F430 Scuderia represents a turning point for Ferrari- built just before cars became completely overrun by computers, the Scuderia still offers the raw, connected experience that those who are passionate about driving desire. This car is sold with a full set of books and manuals as well as the factory tool kit and tire inflation kit. 

19,202 Miles
San Carlos, CA
Title Status:
4.3L V8
6-Speed F1 Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Blu Tour De France
Interior Color:
Grey Alcantara
Total Owners:
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Report summary

Overall this F430 Scuderia is in very good condition but does show signs of use in the form of rock chips, minor scuffing, and light scratching around the vehicle. On both the front and rear bumper, scratches on the underside are noted and a scuff is noted on the right front fender. The paint protection film has done a great job of keeping the front of the car largely chip free but is aging and beginning to fade. The interior remains in excellent shape throughout. On the mechanical side, the car has received a clean bill of health with no faults noted. 

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